AccuTemp ALHEC-60 Stationary Electric Kettle

AccuTemp ALHEC-60 Stationary Electric Kettle

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AccuTemp ALHEC-60 Stationary Electric Kettle

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AccuTemp Edge Series™ Stationary Kettle, Electric, 60 gallon capacity, 2/3 jacket, 304 stainless steel liner, electronic ignition, 1 piece actuator-assisted cover, field replaceable heating elements, insulated, deep-drawn stainless steel construction, 2” compression draw-off valve, leg mounted, 30 PSI, cCSAus


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AccuTemp ALHEC-60 Specs

Brand AccuTemp
Model Number ALHEC-60
Weight 150 lbs
Width 41.4"
Height 66.1"
Capacity 50 - 70 gallon
Kettle Liner 304 stainless steel
Kettle Jacket partial jacket

AccuTemp Accu-Steam ALHEC-60 Edge Series Kettles With Gain An Edge In Your Kitchen

Why Use AccuTemp Edge Series Kettles?

Bring the power and performance of steam cooking to skillets and kettles with the Edge™ Series. Available in a variety of sizes, capacities and options, both the Edge Series Tilt Skillets and Kettles feature industry leading performance and allow for maximum versatility in the kitchen.

AccuTemp ALHEC-60 Standart Features

  • Kettle System-Seamless deep-drawn 304 kettle liner with an integrally formed radius lip, 304L stainless draw off tube and welds, 304 stainless 2” compression draw-off
  • Kettle protection system– thermostat temperature control, 150˚F - 285˚F, pressure relief valve, air eliminator valve, pressure gauge, jacket-water fill, automatic low water cut off and indicator light
  • 304 stainless kettle jacket
  • Full body insulation between kettle jacket and outer casing
  • 304 stainless outer casing seam welded to radius lip
  • 304 stainless, seam welded to control console
  • 304 stainless, one piece, domed cover, actuator-assisted on 40-125 gallon
  • Perforated disc strainer, 1/4” holes
  • Adjustable bullet feet

AccuTemp ALHEC-60 Optional Features

  • Single or dual faucet with bracket & 12” or 18” swing nozzle
  • 60” flexible spray hose assembly (vinyl or stainless) for dual or single faucet
  • Faucet bracket (ALFBST)
  • Riser for table mounted fill faucet (ALRISER)
  • Automatic water filling meter (ALACWS)
  • Mixer/agitator, two speed (Call for pricing)
  • Correctional Package
  • Adjustable flanged feet
  • 316 Liner (AL316LNR)

AccuTemp ALHEC-60 Accessories

  • Care Kit (ALKCK-L)
  • Electric timer with buzzer (ALAT)
  • Draw off drain hose (ALDIH)
  • Disc strainer; solid or perforated, 1/8” or 1/4”
  • Measuring strip (ALMS)
  • Lift-off or two piece hinged
  • One piece actuator-assisted lid, 20-30 gal. (ALACT-M)
  • Single basket 20-40 gal. (ALSBI-M)
  • Tri-basket insert (ALTBI-S)
  • Nylon bag insert with spreader ring (ALNBI)

AccuTemp ALHEC-60 Specification

AccuTemp Edge Series electric nontilting kettle, 2/3 jacketed, model ALHEC-XX (20-80 gallon capacity). Seamless deep-drawn 304 kettle liner with integrally formed radius lip and 304 stainless steel kettle jacket. 2” compression draw-off valve that includes a perforated disc strainer (1/4” holes), pressure relief valve, air eliminator valve, pressure gauge, jacket-water fill valve, automatic low water cut off and indicator light, field replaceable heating elements. 304 stainless domed cover with spring assisted (40-125 gallon units). Seam welded control console with thermostat temperature control, 150°F to 260°F (65°C to 126°C). Adjustable bullet feet.

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