Adcraft DF-12L/2 Double Tank Countertop Deep Fryer with Faucet

Adcraft DF-12L/2 Double Tank Countertop Deep Fryer with Faucet


Adcraft DF-12L/2 Double Tank Countertop Deep Fryer with Faucet


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Fryer, countertop, with faucet, 23" x 18" x 16", double, electric, 6 liter oil capacity (per pot), 25 lb. per hour cooking capacity (per pot), (2) fryer baskets with collapsible heat-resistant handles, thermostatic control, temperature range from 120°F to 375°F, side handles, inside calibration marks, protective wire grate, heavy duty stainless steel construction, 6' grounded cord, UL, CE

Adcraft DF-12L/2 Specs

Brand Adcraft
Model Number DF-12L/2
Weight 44 lbs
Exterior Finish all stainless steel exterior
Fat Capacity (approximate) 13 lbs fat capacity each
Controls thermostatic controls
Fry pot stainless steel fry pot

The Adcraft DF-12L-2 Double Fryers w/Faucet

Why Use Adcraft Tank Fryer?

Adcraft electric countertop fryers are an ideal space-saving solution for small kitchens that don’t want to eliminate fried foods from their menu. These fryers are perfect for restaurants, food trucks and concession stands and are available in several sizes and configurations.

Adcraft DF-12L-2 Specification

Cook up to 25 lbs of food per hour per tank in Adcraft's deep fryers. Each 6 liter tank has a faucet which allows for worry-free removal of oil. Constructed of heavy duty stainless steel for durability. Each tank comes with a have duty fryer basket that has a heat resistant handle. Calibration marks on tank insert makes measuring oil easy. Heating coils are protected by a wire grate (included). Temperature control switch adjusts from 120 -375°. The double fryer includes two cords so one fryer can be used at a time. 208V/240V, 2700-3600W(per tank), 15 Amps(per tank). Overall dimensions 23" x 18" x 16".

Adcraft DF-12L-2 Features

  • DF-12L/2: Double tank deep fryer, 208V/240V, 1750W-3600W, 15 Amps
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Heavy duty faucet for easier draining
  • Thermostat control switch ranges from 120° to 375°F
  • Each tank has its own 6' grounded cord
  • Each tank holds up to 6 liters of oil and has a cooking capacity of 25 lbs/hour
  • Includes fryer basket(s)
  • 208V/240V, 2700-3600W(per tank) , 15 Amps
  • NSF, UL
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