AmeriKooler DW060977N-4/5 Indoor 6' X 9' Walk-In, 5' L Cooler without Floor and 4' L Freezer, Box Only

AmeriKooler DW060977N-4/5 Indoor 6' X 9' Walk-In, 5' L Cooler without Floor and 4' L Freezer, Box Only


AmeriKooler DW060977N-4/5 Indoor 6' X 9' Walk-In, 5' L Cooler without Floor and 4' L Freezer, Box Only

SKU AKR-DW060977N-4/5
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Indoor Two Compartment Walk-In, Cooler Without Floor , 5'-10 5/8" W x 8'-9" L x 7'-7" H, (5'-10 5/8" W x 4' L freezer exterior, 5'-10 5/8" W x 4'-9" L cooler exterior); freezer with NSF aluminum floor rated at 600 Lbs./sq. ft. of uniformly distributed load, cooler without floor with NSF vinyl screed, 4” thick AK-XPS4 insulation providing R-29 for coolers & R-32 for freezers, 26 gauge stucco embossed corrosion resistant acrylic coated Acrylume® on all interior & exterior surfaces, flush self-closing door, digital LED Thermometer with pilot light switch, super cam-rise spring assisted hinges & door closer, prewired vapor proof light fixtures in both compartments, ships in 15 working days - subject to terms & conditions, UL, Made in USA (contact factory for price)


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AmeriKooler DW060977N-4/5 Specs

Manufacturer AmeriKooler
Model Number DW060977N-4/5
Weight 1549 lbs
Width 105"
Height 91"
Depth 70.63"
Nominal long side 9'
Nominal height 7"
Floor floor/floorless
Installation indoor
Finish acrylume
Nominal short side 6'

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AmeriKooler Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Providing walk-in refrigeration with the industry's longest lasting and most energy efficient insulation. From standard 6'x6' units to custom warehouses, we provide top-of-the-line panels and partner with leading refrigeration equipment providers to offer our customers the most sophisticated cooling solutions available.

AmeriKooler panels are manufactured with Dow"™s Extruded Polystyrene foam insulation. We have been raising the standards for reliable, energy-efficient and high-performance insulation in the industry since 2009. AK-XPS4 insulation meets and exceeds EISA energy compliance act of 2007, R-29 for cooler and R-32.4 for freezers.

AmeriKooler Walk-In Coolers & Freezers


• 4" Thick AK-XPS4 (made by The Dow Chemical Company) Insulation with R-values of R-29 for Coolers and R-32 for Freezers (providing exceptional moisture resistance and long-lasting structural integrity for panels).
• 26-Gauge Acrylume® Coated Corrosion Resistant Stucco Embossed Galvalume on All Interior & Exterior Surfaces.
• 30" W x 76" H or 36" W x 76" H Flush Mounted Self-Closing Door.
• 2 Super Cam-Rise Spring Assisted Hinges.
• Deadbolt Keyed Handle Latch.
• Interior Safety Lock Release Handle.
• Spring Actuated Door Closer.
• Digital LED Thermometer (with on & off pilot lighted switch, temp display °F or °C).
• Vapor Proof Light Fixture (centered on interior door jamb).
• Smooth Aluminum Floor (with 1/2' radius cove to facilitate cleaning, floor is rated at 600 lbs. per sq. ft. of uniformly distributed load for models with floor).
• Freezer Door with Temperature Regulating Thermostat & Mounted PRV.

AmeriKooler Walk-In Coolers & Freezers


• Your Choice of 30" or 36" Clear Door Opening, Centered
• All Refrigeration with Mounted Components, 208-230/1/60
• Top Mount Self-Contained Units, Indoor & Outdoor 35°F, -10°F
• Remote Systems, Outdoor 35°F, 0°F, -10°F
• AK-XPS4 insulation so there is no trade-off in efficiency and excellence
• National manufacturer of walk-in coolers and freezers
• 200,000 sq. ft. technologically advanced manufacturing facility
• Panels with high-performance XPS insulation
• Highest quality raw materials
• Bohn refrigeration and components (preferred supplier)
• Total customer support
• Serve all 50 states and over 30 international markets

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• 3rd Spring Assisted Door Hinge
• Led Lights (mounted on the jamb or loose)
• Strip Curtain
• Locking Bar
• Diamond kick plate (interior and/or exterior)
• Exterior Ramp
• Interior Ramp
• Stainless Steel & Reinforced Floors
• Insulated Viewing Windows (12"x 12"/12" x 24")
• Digital Audio/Visual Alarm

AmeriKooler Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Everyday Kool

Since 1985, Amerikooler has been developing and producing high quality, reliable walk-ins (coolers and freezers) for the everyday foodservice and retail business in the industry.
With its promising slogan "œEveryday Kool", Amerikooler boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Miami. Custom orders typically ship in 2 weeks.

Besides an impressive customized construction, Amerikooler consistently provides two (2) days and 24 hours shipping for the most popular sizes and configurations.
Its quality construction, super-efficient insulation, ace energy efficient refrigeration system, and long running warranties make Amerikooler a leader in the industry.

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