AmeriKooler QC060872**NBRC 6' X 8' Quick Ship Indoor Walk-In Cooler without Floor, Remote

AmeriKooler QC060872**NBRC 6' X 8' Quick Ship Indoor Walk-In Cooler without Floor, Remote


AmeriKooler QC060872**NBRC 6' X 8' Quick Ship Indoor Walk-In Cooler without Floor, Remote

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Quick Ship Indoor Walk-In Cooler, 5'-10 5/8" W x 7'-9 1/4" L x 7'-2 1/4" H, Without Floor, 4” thick AK-XPS4 insulation providing R-29 for coolers and R-32 for freezers, ceiling & doors, insulation with 50 Year R-value warranty, 26 gauge stucco embossed corrosion resistant acrylic coated Acrylume on all interior & exterior surfaces vinyl screed, flush self-closing door, digital LED thermometer with pilot light switch, super cam-rise spring assisted hinges & door closer, Bohn outdoor remote refrigeration, 35°F, 1/2 HP, BCH0005MBACZA0000-BEL0060AS6AMAB0400 with EC motor, sized at 95°F ambient temperature, - subject to terms & conditions, UL, Made in USA.

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AmeriKooler QC060872**NBRC Specs

Brand AmeriKooler
Model Number QC060872**NBRC
Weight 1277 lbs
Width 96"
Depth 72"
Height 86.25"
Refrigeration Type remote
Usage indoor
Floor floorless
Nominal short side 6'
Nominal long side 8'
Nominal height 7'-2"
Finish acrylume
Ambient Temperature (°F) 95

DYNASTY Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

Standard Features:

  • Listening to our customers is what we do best. They have inspired us, our engineering and manufacturing teams to design, refine and build walk-ins that meet their highest expectations, while delivering them in a competitive timeframe. Our panel raw materials and hardware components are of the finest quality in the industry. We can build a walk-in refrigeration system that meets the most demanding customer requirements, and provide piece-of-mind that your investment will last a lifetime.
Amerikooler Walk-in Coolers and Freezers


  • PANEL CONSTRUCTION : Dynasty modular wall, floor and ceiling panels are fabricated in our plant using state-of-the-art robotic manufacturing and assembly processes; for precise fit, easy assembly and long life. Dynasty panels are 4” thick and manufactured with 100% uniform AK-XPS4 rigid foam. That insulation is permanently bonded to primed metal surfaces, to form a non-deteriorating structurally-rigid panel. Dynasty panel assembly is accomplished with a time-tested, corrosion resistant cam action locking system, and a factory installed NSF compliant compression gasket, to form rigid, airtight joints.
  • STANDARD PANEL FINISH: Dynasty wall and ceiling panel interiors and exteriors are laminated with 26-gauge zincaluminum (Acrylume®) coated steel, which is stucco embossed and coated with corrosion resistant acrylic paint.
  • INSULATION PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS: AK-XPS4 rigid foam is a closed cell, void-free hydrophobic (water-resistant) material that maintains the highest possible R-value over time, to ensure long term energy efficiency. AKXPS4 meets and exceeds the EISA Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007 with R-29 value for Coolers and R-32 value for Freezers. Our AK-XPS4 insulation is backed by The Dow Chemical Company with a 50 year thermal warranty.
  • STANDARD FLOOR: Dynasty floor panels are also 4” thick and manufactured using heavy gauge smooth aluminum, rated to support 600 pounds persquare-foot of uniformly distributed floor load. They include a 1/2”-radius cove along the interior perimeter, to make cleaning easier. Floorless walk-ins are provided with NSF approved floor screeds, to sit flat on an existing leveled floor.


  • FLUSH DOOR HARDWARE: Standard door sizes are: 36”, 30” or 26” wide, all with a 76” high clear opening. Doors are constructed with 4” thick AK-XPS4 rigid foam insulation and finished with 26-gauge zinc-aluminum (Acrylume®) coated steel, which is stucco embossed and coated with corrosion resistant acrylic paint. Each door includes: two heavy duty, super cam-rise spring-assisted hinges; a heavy pull handle with key lock and inside safety release; and a door closer is provided for extra positive smooth closing. To ensure a positive seal, the door includes a three sided magnetic gasket and a flexible double wiper at the bottom edge of the door.
  • INSTALLATION KIT: We designed our panels so that job-site installation is fast and easy. All walk-ins are shipped with a hardware and installation instruction kit that includes: the shop drawing, detailed installation instructions, hex wrench for camlock panel assembly, PVC press fit caps and the light globe.
  • DOOR JAMB: The door jamb and door are constructed with a non-conductive heavy-duty PVC extrusion that provides a thermal barrier. The jamb includes an incandescent vapor-proof light fixture mounted on the center/top of the jamb, which provides extra space for shelving posts. A digital LED Thermometer (F0 /C0 ) is provided, with On/Off pilot light switch. Dynasty Freezer doors are equipped with a heated pressure relief vent mounted on the door jamb. In addition, the doors include a temperature controlled heater wire to ensure a positive frost free seal.
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