Berner DTU03-1018AA 18

Berner DTU03-1018AA 18" Drive-Thru Air Curtain, Unheated


Berner DTU03-1018AA 18" Drive-Thru Air Curtain, Unheated

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Drive-Thru Air Curtain, 18" long, unheated, (1) 1/12 hp motor, environmental separation & insect control for drive-thru windows up to 3' high, "No Tool" filter removal, "Mount Anywhere" bracket system, powder coated extruded aluminum exterior cabinet, interior mounting, UL, cULus, MADE IN USA

Berner DTU03-1018AA Specs

Brand Berner
Model Number DTU03-1018AA
Weight 13 lbs
Width 20.13"
Width 20.13"
Height 7"
Depth 7.75"
Type un-heated

The Berner DTU03-1018AA Drive-Thru Unit 3 Ambient (Unheated) Air Curtain

Why Use Berner Air Curtain?

This Air Curtain is specifically designed for drive thrus to keep out flying insects and vehicle exhaust by creating a steady stream of air over your window. Optimized for 18” wide doorways of up to 3ft in height. This air curtain is UL certified for inside and outside use, addresses OSHA concerns for employees working near carbon monoxide, keeps out cold air to stop your soda fountain and employees from freezing, and is made in the USA with a 1 year limited warranty.  Features an aluminum housing, 120v operation, and includes standard 3 prong power cord and all-purpose mounting brackets.

Design and Efficency

The Berner Drive-Thru Unit 3 Air Curtain is sized and designed specifically for QSR Drive-Thru windows (windows about 3′ high), this air curtain is compact, simple to mount and easy to operate. Chosen by both QSR managers and restaurateurs who are concerned with protecting the comfort of the person working the window.

Berner DTU03-1018AA Standart Features

  • 7” high x 7 3/4” deep
  • One speed motor(s)
  • Factory installed on/off switch
  • Clear satin anodized aluminum exterior
  • Factory installed “Mount Anywhere” bracket system
  • 3 prong power cord, 6’
  • Filter (washable)
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