Bizerba 330V 130-RED Manual Food Slicer

Bizerba 330V 130-RED Manual Food Slicer

BIZ-330V 130-RED

Bizerba 330V 130-RED Manual Food Slicer

SKU BIZ-330V 130-RED
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Manual Handcrafted, Flywheel Slicer, Flower Flywheel (standard), 13" (330mm) chromium-plated carbon steel knife, continuous slice thickness, automatic feeding table, top mounted sharpener, rear knife guard, stainless steel & aluminum, non-electric 100% green powered, Volano Flame Red, CE


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Bizerba 330V 130-RED Specs

Brand Bizerba
Model Number 330V 130-RED
Weight 194 lbs
Width 33"
Height 38"
Depth 37"
Knife Diameter 13"
Construction stainless steel & aluminum
Product feed manual

Bizerba 13.0 Inch (330 mm) Slicer

Standard Features:

  • 13.0" (330 mm) Blade, chromium-plated
  • Fully hand-operated for perfect control
  • Variable slice thickness with 12 position adjustment
  • Stainless steel product holder and blade guard
  • Permanent blade guard with a removable front guard during slicing
  • Removable stainless steel carriage plate holder and receiving plate
  • Specialized product clamping device and handprotector
  • 100% recyclable construction materials
  • Built-in sharpener is removable for cleaning
  • Matching color - aluminum pedestal base

13.0" (330 mm) Slicer Models:

  • 330V 130-RED
  • 330V 130-BLACK
  • 330V 130-IVORY
Bizerba 13.0 Inch (330 mm) Slicer
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