Bar Trend Report: what are consumers looking for now?

The bar and restaurant scene is always evolving, as consumers keep looking for a new or more exciting experience. To stay relevant (and profitable), you need to stay on top of the trends and constantly improve your offers. This article will help you find out what’s hot, how to apply it to your establishment ,and where to find affordable bar equipment for sale. 

Craft beers are still popular

The craft beer trend first exploded in 2012, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.  There are now more than 6,000 craft breweries in the United States. The ever-popular India Pale Ales (IPAs) are now being offered in more flavor varieties, and there are now craft lagers that can attract and win over the consumers who are used to the clean flavors of their favorite Budweisers.As a whole, consumers tend to pick lighter beers over darker, bitter brews – but that shouldn’t stop you from carrying it. The best bars are those that can offer something for everyone.

That’s why it’s important for restaurants bars to offer a wide selection of craft beers and then use this as a marketing advantage (ex: get people to come back for a Beer of the Week promo).   

Unique, rustic interiors

People want a local, personalized vibe. Even in the restaurant industry, you’ll see that huge nationwide chains are losing their customers to local restaurants and bars. They feel that this atmosphere is more “authentic” and “genuine” and that they can get a more personalized experience.

You can tap this trend with unique interiors. Use handmade accents and quirky décor, and display work from local artists. Reinforce this intimate vibe by creating cozy corners where people can break into small groups and feel like they’re hanging out with friends. It’s really simple with a few tables and bar chairs, which can be found with other affordable bar equipment on sale.)

 Culinary cocktails

Bacon-infused bourbon, anyone? Some of the trendiest bars in the United States are serving drinks that contain vegetables, herbs and other interesting ingredients. For example, Aria Resort in Las Vegas has The Peppered Legua, which is tequila with roasted poblano and kiwi. And in Seattle, Canon infuses its cognac with black truffle.

Other bars are serving drinks with medicinal herbs – hearkening to cocktails’ origins as homemade medicines and tinctures for all sorts of ailments. In Vancouver, the Keefer Bar has cocktails made with herbs and barks that are typically used in Chinese medicine.

 What a great way to set your bar apart! Upgrade your menus and your kitchen. Get everything you need with affordable bar equipment on sale!

Luxury Ice

The best bars are using special ice cubes that are hand chipped, or made from double-distilled water so it is completely free from bubbles. Other bars even make the ice part of the presentation. For example, a Portland bar serves whiskey with a shard of smoked ice, while another makes “flaming ice” with Chartreuse (yes, it’s actually put on fire before being put out with a special rum and bitters mixture). Find freezers and ice making equipment among these affordable bar equipment on sale.