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There are several kinds of commercial ovens which you can buy. There’s the cheesemelter, which is powered by either a flame or by electricity and looks to be a toaster-like appliance that adds the finishing touches to meals; mainly those which are topped off with cheese.


There’s the combi oven, which has three main functions: convection, steam, and combination cooking. When you cook with the convection mode, food is cooked through dry heat; meanwhile, the steam mode is used by injecting water into the oven. This allows you to poach fish, along with rice and veggies. The combination mode, quite simply, provides a combination of the two.


Convection ovens are similar to the combi oven’s convection option; however, it works solely through dry heat. You’ll be able to change temperature and baking options, but these options will be based on cooking with dry heat.


You can think of a conveyor oven like a conveyor belt. You place the food you’re planning to cook into a chamber, which moves at a constant speed. You can throw in several products at a time and you can also change the temperature you’re cooking at so that each product is cooked at a constant heat. The food in this form of equipment is cooked through air impingement, radiant heat, and/or radiant heat. If you’re the owner of a restaurant, this could end up being one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you own.


If you’re looking for something to either heat up food quickly or to bake things easily on the countertop, then you should consider buying a countertop oven. Not only will you save room in your restaurant, but you’ll be able to easily access the equipment at any time.


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