If you’re a business owner, a restaurant owner, or a bar owner, then you’ll either need to buy equipment to open your business in the first place or you’ll need to replace furniture and equipment every now and then. If you’re in this situation, then look no further. Below, you can read all about the used restaurant equipment that we have to offer at Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment.


A lot of people are hesitant about buying used restaurant equipment due to the fear of it being broken or damaged. That being said, you don’t have to have this worry. At Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment, we provide you with the best quality possible for a lower cost. The best part is that you can pay it off monthly. Take the used Hobart meat slicer, for example, which is around $1600 regular cost. If you want, however, you can decide to spend $44 every month until it’s been completely paid. The shipping is free and the condition is spectacular.


You can also buy mixers and accessories second-hand. Obviously, a restaurant or bar will need a mixer. You’ll have to mix food and drink. If you don’t have this equipment then you’ll have to mix it yourself, by hand or with utensils, and this will waste valuable time that you don’t have. There are some mixers that are rather expensive; however, others are relatively cheap. You can buy one for $3,500 and pay just one hundred dollars a month if you choose to.


If you’re looking for cooking and warming equipment, then you can shop at our online store, or you can pay a visit to our local store in Nashville. From food cookers to rotisserie ovens, you can buy the necessary equipment to keep your food warm while you’re cooking the rest of the meal, or to keep it warm so that your customers don’t have to eat cold food.


At Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment, we know how expensive it can be to open a business with the proper equipment. A single rotisserie oven is sold for thousands of dollars. In the end, you need to be able to save money in necessary aspect of your life, so that you can splurge in others. Perhaps the best way to save money is to save money is to buy your equipment second-hand. At our store, we have a huge number of products for a much lower cost than elsewhere.


If you’re looking or a distributor to buy your restaurant equipment from in Nashville, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we can provide you with everything you need to open your restaurant or bar, and you can get it all second-hand if you want. With over two hundred manufacturers, you can be confident in knowing that you won’t sacrifice quality. Not only this, but you can buy the same brands that you would elsewhere for a lower price. Our shipping is fast, efficient, and reliable, so you can open your restaurant as soon as possible.