As a restaurant kitchen equipment supplier, we at Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment have several venues which show our stock in the best light. From Nashville to Santa Barbara, the best customers for us have always been those who not only make us look good, but also have the style to use our products to the best of their abilities. So here, we are going to discuss the top three venues which have a special place for Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment merchandize.

All three venues are situated in Nashville, TN and range from market places to wineries. So remember that if you want to see for yourself how our equipment and furniture might look for your business, go ahead and book your appointment, and make a day out of it.

1. Chateau West Restaurant

The Chateau West restaurant caters to all those who want to have a good hearty meal with an atmosphere which will surely make them feel like home. Tucked away in West End, this fusion of the Nashville spirit with the tradition of Southern France has made this quaint establishment a hit with the locals as well as those from far beyond. Our restaurant equipment solutions have been used to make this restaurant a success. Because of their wonderful combination of different themes, we not only had a lot of fun making some very creative decisions, but we also helped create an ambience which was warm, inviting and traditional.

2. Tower Market and Deli

The Tower Market and Deli combines the New York style of sandwiches with the local menu and thus, gives the customers something which they will not forget for a while. The Tower Deli is very airy and open and caters even to those who want to look for a good sandwich at 5 in the morning. The deli is very popular for their quality of food so if you want to have the best ingredients for your food, then thanks to Chef’s Deal, you’ll get exactly that. Chef’s Deal restaurant equipment has helped this quaint shop gain its place in the niche as one of the best produce and sandwich places in Nashville.

3. City Winery

The City Winery in Nashville is one such place which caters to all in a modern, unpretentious way. With live entertainment, great food and even better wine, this venue has become a favorite for many. As a winner of Nashville Scene’s “#3 Best Wine Bar”, the winery has maintained its quality, and catering all from oenophiles to craft beer lovers, the place has made sure that people treat their meals as an experience. What’s more, with Chef’s Deal restaurant equipment helping them create the best image among customers with their comfortable furniture and all-around easy ambience, the City Winery is truly at the top!

We at Chef’s Deal feel very proud to have been a part of such big projects. So if you feel like your restaurant could use our help, then you can see for yourself how we’ve made these fine establishments into the best that they can be.