Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment provides the best Nashville restaurant supply. Our company does get some fabulous reviews, from both our home based customers you purchase Nashville restaurant supply in person and our out of States customers who opt to get their hands on our products through our online platform.

Through our large continually growing, and faithful customer base is owed mostly to our reasonable prices, extraordinary customer service and excellent product quality we can’t take all the credit. Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company has a list of manufacturers that have stayed true to their commitment to quality, and by default has helped us at Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company maintain that commitment to quality for our customers.

The Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company provides Nashville restaurant supply to several Nashville restaurants, and we stay proud of our partnership with some of the most recognized restaurants in Nashville. In the same way that our Nashville restaurant supply has generated positive feedback from our clients, we too would like to extend positive feedback to our manufacturers.

Comstock Castle

At the Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company we have over 500 restaurant equipment from our Comstock Castle manufacturers. For many years the Comstock Castle manufacturers have aided us with the provision of Nashville restaurant Supply.

Comstock Castle was established in 1838 and has had several decades of experience producing and distributing quality commercial cooking equipment. Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company provide Nashville restaurant supply, but we also provide Memphis restaurant supply, Atlanta restaurant supply, and restaurant supplies for many other States due to our shipping services.

Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment Company’s nationwide presence is mimicked by Comstock Castle; as the manufacturing company has a body of services and warranty agencies strategically located in different States. Throughout their tenure Comstock Castle has achieved some significant accomplishments; one of which is becoming a recognized member of the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM).

Everest Refrigeration

Chef’ Deal Restaurant Equipment Company is the proud distributor of close to 200 different Everest Refrigeration products. Our best sellers from Everest Refrigeration are inclusive of the following.

  • Everest Refrigeration EBD3-BB-24 Draft Beer Cooler
  •  Everest Refrigeration EPBNR3-D2 Refrigerated Counter, Sandwich/Salad Top
  • Everest Refrigeration EBB23G Back Bar Cabinet, Refrigerated
  •  Everest Refrigeration EBB59G-24 Back Bar Cabinet, Refrigerated 
  • Everest Refrigeration EPPR1 Refrigerated Counter, Pizza Prep Table

Everest Refrigeration history goes back to as far as 1965, which is the year that saw the establishment of the Asia Refrigeration Parts Supply Company in Seoul, South Korea; the Asian Refrigeration Parts Supply Company which later contributed to the establishment of Everest Refrigeration in Carson, California in the year of 2002.

 Everest Refrigeration has for years maintained the claim that they are a company founded on the principle of continual improvement, and has for years stayed committed to the provision of the best in the commercial refrigeration industry. Everest Refrigeration has always enabled us, the Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment family to provide the best quality refrigerators for all of our clients.