Commercial refrigeration plays a very important part in the Food industry. They are needed to store ingredients and food and keep them fresh. They prevent bacteria growth. Good refrigeration is an asset to any restaurant. An online search for Restaurant equipment stores in Tennessee helps in locating one near your location.

There are mainly six types of commercial refrigeration available. The choice depends on one that is suited to your restaurant. They are given below

Bar equipment & coolers

They are used to hold bottles or canned beverage. They generally hold a large capacity to store drinks, mixers and other supplies. Back Bar refrigerators have glass door making it easier for customers to view and order. They are usually placed in easy reach of the bartender. There are also top loading beer coolers allowing storage and easy access.

Walk in Refrigerators and freezers

This is a very popular and most sought after type for restaurants. Restaurants usually buy a lot of food items in bulk. There must be adequate space for storing them. They come in different sizes and can be bought as per your requirement.

Reach in refrigerators and freezers

They are usually used to store frequently accessed food. They are designed to maintain safe temperature even if the doors are frequently opened. They come with variety of sections. There are some Dutch or double doors to allow more storage space. They are also available with dual zones allowing some units to have different temperatures. Some come with castor wheels for easy mobility.

Under counter refrigerators and freezers

They provide space saving storage for cold items. They are a smaller version of the reach in refrigerators. They can also function as freezing compliments to large refrigerators. The top can be used as a prep table.

Prep stations

They can be of two types i.e. for pizzas or sandwiches.  Narrow cutting boards are used for salad and sandwich tables. The bottom is used to hold vegetables, ingredients and toppings. For pizzas wider work surfaces are available. Ingredients are generally kept above.

Glass door merchandisers

They are used to display packaged food to the public. They allow proper refrigeration with great display. They are available with swinging or sliding doors.

When choosing to buy commercial refrigeration some important points have to be considered.

  • Size is an important factor. Both interior and exterior size has to be considered. Exterior size is needed to see the space it will occupy. Also remember to check whether your doorway is sufficient. Interior size is important to know the available storage area.
  • Brands: Always go for reputed brands. Frequent repairs or breakdown will be a huge loss to your business and a lot of food is wasted. Reputed brands give proper warranty and service. Refrigerators with Energy Star ratings are 30% more efficient. There is a lot of power saving in the long run.

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