Restaurants are great places to visit when you want to break the monotony of eating at home - you just reserve a table, order food and drink and sit back and enjoy yourself. However, if you’re planning to start a restaurant, then that’s a different ball game altogether. Obviously, the most important part of the setup is the kitchen and the kitchen supplies that keep the restaurant running.

Regardless of whether you’re running a small diner, a fast food restaurant or a cafeteria, if you have a commercial kitchen, then you need supplies to keep business ticking.

Commercial restaurant supplies, also known as restaurant small wares refer to those small but essential products that chefs, cooks, bakers and food service professionals bank on every day to keep their businesses humming and their customers happy. These supplies aren’t classified as equipment, are not treated as disposables but are important items that are needed to prepare meals.

For instance, you cannot do without knives, tongs, whips, cutting boards, napkin dispensers, tray, pot holders and all the other paraphernalia. You need knives to chop vegetables, pots and pans to cook in, measuring cups, bottle openers, corkscrews, timers- the list is just endless. Any commercial restaurant in the hospitality industry is going to need more than just salt and pepper shakers if they mean to feed the ever hungry public.

While the quality of food depends on how good your cooking equipment and chefs are, the way food is served does count a lot. The cutlery used, quality tablecloths, flower vases, uniformed servers, all add to the ambiance, which can together whip up quite an appetite. The use of correct plates, bowls and miscellaneous items of tableware can go a long way in improving customer satisfaction.

If kitchen supplies are important then janitorial supplies are equally important. A well-maintained restaurant is a sign of quality and invites customers to return often. Clean tidy rooms and spotless washrooms require mops, buckets, vacuum cleaners, trash bags, gloves, cleaning liquids to name  a few. Of course the housekeeping staff need proper signage, caution cones and safety barriers to prevent customers from slips, falls and trips. In short, the restroom experience should be restful and not stressful. With air-fresheners, toilet paper dispensers, efficient hand-dryers and more, restaurants can be made attractive.

Restaurants without bars? Unthinkable! Commercial restaurant supplies ensure that all the bar small wares to serve customers are in place. From cocktail glasses, wine coolers, cans, mixers, beer glasses, straw dispensers to ice-makers and more, you need bar supplies to keep customers contented and happy.

No matter what type of commercial restaurant business you’re in, you will rely a lot on commercial restaurant supplies to keep you up and running. Remember, the waiters, janitors and servers have important jobs to carry out and only if you supply them with the tools they need, can they make a success of it.

Customers need to be impressed and the way to do that is to stock your restaurant with all the commercial restaurant supplies and equipment that it requires to create the proper ambiance.