Save on Commercial Cooking Equipment inTennessee

Just like a chef takes pride in his set of kitchen knives, a restaurant owner invests in high quality commercial cooking equipment. From the refrigerator to the stoves and the bar stools, all of these affect the quality of the food and the image of the restaurant.

But how can you balance the need for quality equipment with real business concerns like budget and operating costs? Here are tried and tested industry tips to help you find the best deals.

Make a plan and priority list

There’s such a wide selection of professional kitchen supplies, and it’s very easy to fall into the trap of buying the “best and latest”. However, you need to keep both feet on the ground. You have limited resources, so be clear about what you need and how much you’re willing to spend for each item. Write down the equipment you need, how critical it is to your business success, and your non-negotiables. For example, what is the maximum amount you will spend on stoves or refrigerators? Which items are you willing to buy second-hand without impacting on your ability to serve quality food? Which kitchen appliances can be found in discounted prices? For example, Chef’s Deal is a good source for affordable Commercial Cooking Equipment in Tennessee.

Get product reviews and feedback from chef mentors and trusted colleagues

Do thorough research. Aside from getting product brochures and visiting the manufacturer’s websites, get objective reviews from forums or from fellow chefs or industry colleagues. They will tell you what really works, and where to go if you’re really working on a tight budget. For example, you will get massive discounts on commercial cooking in Tennessee by buying from websites like rather than the brand showroom. You’ll also be able to compare the prices of different brands or ask customer service for their advice.

Consider space limitations

It’s better to finalize the layout of your kitchen before doing any kind of shopping. Know where each piece of equipment will go, how that will affect your workflow and workstations, and the dimensions and measurements you can allot for everything from the stove to the dishwasher. Factor in realities like “I need to allot an area for pre-rinsing next to the dishwasher” or “I will need to allot storage space for wines and beverages.” Sketch and plan all of these details so you are able to focus on the equipment you can realistically accommodate in your limited kitchen space. Never fear! There’s a wide range of available sizes and types of Commercial Cooking Equipment in Tennessee – there’s bound to be something that fits into your space and your budget.

 Consider daily and maintenance costs

The cost of equipment doesn’t just include what you pay for the item. Factor in energy efficiency and how it affects your electricity and water usage. Look into whether the warranties cover maintenance and repairs, and whether it’s better for you to buy brand-new at a premium or save on a second-hand item that may need to be fixed more often.

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