When planning a new restaurant, you should consider the kind of seating you want to offer to your customers.

Do you want to provide trendy and colorful chairs with stylish tables? Or would you rather go for a more comfortable seating arrangement, such as dining room booths?

These seating styles are not mutually exclusive. In fact, you can have a chair and table seating in the center and make the corners more comfy with tables and dining booths.

If you’re looking for dining booth styles, you don’t need to look any further. All About Furniture has some awesome dining booth styles to win you more customers!


1. Single seater cool black booth

It’s a 48 inch, 1/2 circle upholstered seat in a fully cushioned style. These black individual booths combine a comfy, yet formal look, sure to impress your customers. It has an upholstered button tufted back which makes it even more stylish.

The heavy duty hardwood frame and black vinyl base completes the look. It has finished return and unfinished outside back.

2.  Multi-seater maroon charm

This booth has a size of 46"L x 42"H with a single but upholstered brownish-maroon 6-channel back. This upholstered seat also has finished return and unfinished back on the outside. The black vinyl kickbase complements its maroon seating and upholstered back.

Additionally, it comes with an optional head roll, making it even more comfy!

3. Multi-seater vinyl style

This booth comes as a 30"L x 48H seater with a single and upholstered, vertical 3-channel back. Unlike the previous booth, this one has a single soft brown color. Also, this booth has both finished ends and outside back.

The black vinyl kickbase outlines its softer looking seater more elegantly. This too has a hardwood frame which acts as a medium between its black and brown shades.


4. Brown multi-seater

This deuce booth has an upholstered but horizontal 3-channel back. Just like the previous booth, it is colored in a single shade. However, its brown color is a few shades darker and will match a number of different table styles.

It is 30"L x 42"H in size with finished ends and the same black vinyl kickbase.

5. Dual sided booth

This booth is similar to the maroon one, except that is dual sided. The booth’s size is 30”L x 48”H and has an upholstered 6-channel back. The finished end and black vinyl base give it a more elegant feel.

Find these attractive? We do too! Let’s complete the order then. Oh, and do add other kitchen supplies or restaurant equipment you find interesting…