Chef's Deal Restaurant Equipment is the top vendor of commercial refrigeration for sale at unbeatable prices, from leading manufacturers. There are many types of commercial refrigeration available on the market and understanding your requirements are what we do best at Chef's Deal Restaurant Equipment. Listed below are only a few of the many types available, but it can guide you in your selection:

Chef Bases:

These are the most popular type of refrigeration for your commercial kitchen because it saves on space while being efficient and convenient. The top is robust enough to hold other equipment such as countertop griddles and fryers and all the cold ingredients you need are housed underneath. Instead of having a space for a refrigerator and another space for your appliances, you can combine one space to accommodate all your cooking needs in one location. 

Pass Through Refrigeration:

These refrigerators have doors on both the back and the front. They are convenient for streamlining your kitchen by placing them between the serving area and the prep area. Employees can easily reach-in from either side to gain access to the food within. They are very roomy and can accommodate different types of food, from meats, dairy and premade sauces. To optimize its use, you can place it in a location where food goes directly from the kitchen to the servers with ease, reducing the waiters need to access the kitchen area to pick up an order.

Reach-In Refrigerators:

These are similar to the refrigerators you have at home except that they are have a larger storage capacity and segmented by shelves. They come with either glass doors or stainless-steel doors. These units are usually kept inside the kitchen area, away from the customer’s view. Some come in dual-zoned units meaning that the temperatures can be adjusted individually for each zone. They provide easy access to what is inside while being stored in a standalone location.

Under Counter Refrigerators:

These refrigerators are mini versions of the traditional Reach-In types making them easily doubling as a small prep area because of its height. They are just as powerful as its regular sized counterpart but with a smaller storage capacity.

School Milk Coolers:

Its name explains what it is. These refrigerators are designed for storing milk, keeping them just under freezing temperature, that is, between 330F and 380F. They are perfect for school cafeterias but they can also hold other beverages and items that need to be cooled at that temperature.

WorkTop Refrigeration:

These types of refrigerators allow you to store other items that do not need to be kept in a refrigerator, such as cutting boards and pans, and they are at a perfect height to be used as a food preparation area. Most restaurants use this in their line prep and line cook area because of its versatility and functionality. These come with a wide variety of compartments to suit your needs and most are outfitted with wheels so that you can easily relocate them to wherever you desire.