How to double the efficiency of your commercial dishwasher

The problem with commercial dishwashers is that you are literally pouring money down the drain. Your dishwasher can make up over 60% of a restaurant’s water bill, so if it’s not an efficient model you’ll see your business operating costs balloon.

This article will help you double the efficiency of your commercial dishwasher and prevent any leaks in your daily overhead.

Invest in a quality commercial dishwasher

It pays to get a good, reputable brand like Fagor that is known for being efficient and durable. It is energy-efficient and has a wide range of models that will suit your needs. For example, there are small glass washers that are ideal for bars or cafes, and larger ones for hotels and other high-capacity venues. Go to our website to find Fagor dishwasher commercial on sale!).

Always rinse dishes beforehand

Your kitchen staff should rinse dirty dishes to remove any small food particles. This will ensure that your water remains clean, and enable you to run your commercial dishwasher at a lower water flow setting. You can also turn off the dishwasher’s pre-rinse setting, which will help you save money and water. To get this step into your kitchen routine, train your staff and set up a pre-rinse area.

 Prevent mineral deposits

Mineral deposits can affect the efficiency of the commercial dishwasher’s heating elements. If your restaurant is located in a hard water area, install water softeners. Your dishwasher will run more efficiently, consuming less water and electricity, and is less prone to breaking down.

Adjust the flow pressure

Don’t leave the dishwasher at factory settings. Check the flow pressure and play with different settings. Is it so high that it can damage your glasses and dishes, or is it so low that it can’t remove stubborn grease and dirt? Do a couple of test runs and see what works best. It’s time well spent! 

Use the Auto Mode for the conveyor

One really simple way to reduce your energy and water consumption is to switch the conveyor to automatic. The best commercial dishwashers like Fagor will be “smart” enough to turn it off at the en of each load or when dishes aren’t cleaned. (Little features like that make all the difference! Find these in Fagor dishwashers commercial on sale!)

 Stop using the dry heat setting

Your dishes will air dry quickly, especially if you are using hot water to wash them. Save electricity and just allot an area where your newly washed dishes can dry off before being stored.

Check and clean commercial dishwasher filters regularly

Dirty filters can cause damage to the dishwasher pump, and are not very hygienic either! That’s why it’s important to check the filters. Get a commercial dishwasher model that makes it easy to do these regular maintenance without any hassle. Look at our Fagor dishwashers commercial on sale to find one.


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