The size and type of ice storage you need depends on your specific food service establishment and how much ice is used in a day. If you’re operating a bar, you’d obviously need more ice as compared to a restaurant.

With stainless steel exterior and offering durability, Hoshizaki is one of the best choices that you can make when looking for ice storage machines.

However, buying the right ice storage device is crucial. There are various types of ice storage equipment. Some are more than insulated storage boxes, others deliver a wide range of labor-saving and safety features. Knowing about Hoshizaki ice dispenser and storage bin will help you decide which one is suitable for your business:

Hoshizaki Storage Bins

Storage bins are used in restraints or other food service establishments that require large quantities of ice at various times throughout the day. They act as ice depositaries from which employees scoop ice into ice buckets for use.

Hoshizaki storage bins offer the following features:

Storage: The storage bins can store several hundred to several thousands of pounds of ice as compared to other manufacturers.

Stainless Steel: These storage bins have stainless steel exteriors to withstand the rigors of food service environments.

Doors: Some of Hoshizaki’s bins feature access hatches, while the rest feature pouch-style doors. The type of door varies according to the size and style of the bin.

Insulation: The interiors are insulated, but not refrigerated, thus ice will melt slowly throughout the day.

Drains: These bins feature floor drains that allow drainage of excess water out of the bin. This avoids ice freezing into one big block.

Hoshizaki Ice Dispensers

Ice dispensers can dispense ice as well as water. These are countertop equipments that are used by restaurants featuring self-service. Restaurants using ice dispensers use the same machine to dispense cold drinks and ice. Customers can fill their glass with their choice of drink and then add cubes to it. Hoshizaki ice dispensers offer these features:

Small Footprint: A compact footprint maximizes available space on countertop.

Cup Dispensing: Hoshizaki ice dispensers, dispense ice into cups only, as opposed to ice buckets.

Lever System: Push-level or electronic eyes activate these dispensers, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

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