Despite the size of the kitchen, these often are busy with equipment and people moving around. Kitchens lack windows, for that reason a good ventilation system is mandatory. With a CaptiveAire commercial kitchen ventilation system, these issues will be in the past.

This company stands out for the technological solutions they apply to the day to day problems.

Electrical Controls

Did you forget to turn off the lights or the ventilation system? No problem, CaptiveAire commercial kitchen ventilation can be controlled remotely thanks to the Cloud-Base Building Management. This is a system that allows the owners to control the equipment from different locations, all they need is an internet connection.

This is not the only electrical control integrated on the products made by CaptiveAire. Self-Cleaning and Lightning can be programmed and controlled thanks to the screens on specific products. CaptiveAire commercial kitchen ventilation products combine reliability with technology to achieve items one of a kind.

Hood Filtration

Grease is your biggest enemy in the kitchen. Strict cleaning routines are necessary otherwise every single surface will be covered in grease soon. No matter the condition of the kitchen, the grease will take over if you are not careful.

The ventilation system is particularly prone to get clogged by the grease. To prevent this situation, CaptiveAire introduced the latest technology in hood filters. It prevents more than a possible build-up, the filter will reduce the fire hazard and it will be easier to clean the entire ventilation system.

Filters do not require any extra maintenance. Put it on the dishwasher and it is ready to go back filtering. CaptiveAire works to improve the filtration system. The filters can adapt to smaller or larger systems.

Fire Suppression

In a place full with sharp objects, fire is the most dangerous element. Without the proper care, the fire hazard increases. It is possible to prevent a fire in a kitchen but it is best if the place is prepared for a problem.

CaptiveAire is well aware of the risks and to solve it, they created four different fire protection systems. Each one of them goes with a different kind of CaptiveAire commercial kitchen ventilation system. The fire suppression systems are pre-engineered and are automatic. Do not worry about fires anymore, CaptiveAire will protect your kitchen.

How To Get It

CaptiveAire commercial kitchen ventilation systems are state of the art products. No other manufacturer pays the same attention to detail or works on improvements like CaptiveAire. Their unique commitment translates into unique ventilation systems.

Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment will help you get the ideal CaptiveAire commercial kitchen ventilation system. They offer a broad variety of models with different sizes, specifications and conditions. New or used, the team will verify it is in optimal condition.

The prices are the lowest in the market. Compare with other sites and you will see that Chef’s Deal is the best option. Contact us and speak to one of our experts. They will gladly help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.