Glass door coolers and freezers are useful for storing frozen food, ice cream, seafood, and other items in bulk quantity. It also helps boost sales as the glass door coolers and freezers in your grocery or convenience store display the food items that are on sale.

There are different types of glass door coolers and freezers available in the market. Some manufacturers offer single or double door freezers, while others sell only single door glass coolers. Depending on your need, you can purchase the one that suits you best.

Here are the three leading glass door and freezer manufacturers in the industry:


True Manufacturing

True Manufacturing is a trusted name in the industry. Operating for 65 years, the company offers a wide range of coolers and freezers.

Swing or slide door, single, double, three or even four doors – they feature all! True manufacturing’s freezers and coolers are environment friendly. With performance enhancing features like, zero ozone depletion potential and three global warming potential, these coolers and freezers are a popular choice of grocery store owners. True units unsure better food preservation by utilizing the largest condensers in the industry.



Beverage Air

Beverage Air’s glass door coolers and freezers are manufactured with the next-generation technologies. The company offers a three year parts/labor warranty and an additional 2 year compressor warranty. The refrigeration system uses R134a refrigerant that is CFC and HCFC free which is in compliance with the environmental safety concerns. The manufacturer offers single, double and three door refrigerators with brightly lighted sign panel and whisper-quiet refrigeration system and are a popular choice at convenience stores. 



Hussman is a world class manufacturer of glass door coolers and freezers. Working with a number of stores today, the company has gained the reputation as one of the most reliable brands in the industry. The refrigerator frame is made of durable, non-conductive material along with fiberglass insulation. Due to these features, the coolers and refrigerators are energy efficient. The company manufactures a wide range of glass door refrigerators and with LED lighting.  


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