New equipment is similar to purchasing a car, the price depreciates drastically once the owner takes possession of it. In most countries, foreign used cars carry more resale value than purchasing a new car from the showroom. In the same way, new restaurant equipment loses its value from the minute it is installed in your business, which is a good reason for you to Shop Used Restaurant Equipment and Supplies before you make your decision. Here are some compelling factors that can guide you:

  • Cost

As in any business, saving money is essential. Any new item will cost more than double the cost of a used item because of depreciation, as was pointed out earlier. For instance, if new equipment costs $10,000 now, 5 years from now it would be valued at $5,000 or less, but if you purchased used equipment for $5,000 now, in 5 years, you would be able to sell it for $4,000. The depreciation rate of used equipment is generally much slower than new equipment. A very good reason to Shop Used Restaurant Equipment and Supplies since you can lose $1,000 instead of $5,000. The money you save by purchasing used equipment and supplies, can go toward purchasing other equipment or supplies that you may not have had the funds for.

  • Flipping

While this may not necessarily refer to appliance equipment, flipping restaurant supplies do happen and it can increase the longevity of the piece. I don’t mean turning it over, I am referring to when you Shop Used Restaurant Equipment and Supplies for very cheap, you can simply apply vanish or a coat of paint, maybe some new fabric, and voila, it’s as good as new. For instance, you need to purchase tables and chairs for your restaurant, why purchase these at hefty prices when you can simply purchase some used ones, and have it redone yourself, without having to shell out a wad of unnecessary cash? If you are still unhappy with it, you would be able to resell it for more than you paid for it initially.

  • Never been used

When you Shop Used Restaurant Equipment and Supplies, it does not necessarily been that the equipment was used before. Some companies carry items that may have a dent or scratch from transportation, causing it to be sold at a used price rather than at the price it would sell, had it not have had these issues. Floor models are another reason why some equipment are sold at very low prices. In other words, floor models are the one out on display where customers would come up to it, open it, have a look inside, test out certain areas or features, since customers want to feel the equipment rather than read the brochure. Obviously, no company would sell floor models at the “new item” price, they would be very dishonest if they were to do so and its best you stay clear of a company that does this.