Brand names are important, even more so in the restaurant industry. Torrey restaurant equipment in Nashville, TN is one of the most commonly sold brands. This brand has built up a reputation for more than 40 years, with clientele all over the world. While they manufacture smaller equipment such as scales, meat grinders and slicers, the larger types of equipment include prep tables, deli cases, coolers and freezers. Torrey is a top brand at Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment because all their equipment is manufactured in North America, in state-of-the-art facilities, and to exacting standards. There can be no compromise on this brand for quality or reliability.

You can outfit your entire kitchen with Torrey restaurant equipment in Nashville, TN. The prep tables are particularly suited for pizza making as the vegetables can be easily stored on the counter, complete with its own compartment. The compartment has its own lid, keeping your vegetables free from contamination and outside entities, when not in use. Hygiene is very important when dealing with food and in restaurants where contamination is frequent, this prep table can drastically reduce the chances of it occurring in your prep area.

You can also help to keep food cost and prices down when you use Torrey restaurant equipment in Nashville, TN. We all know that the price of minced meat is a lot more expensive than regular cut meat. With the purchase of a meat grinder, you can purchase regularly cut meat at cheap prices and grind it yourself. This way, you reduce cost in food purchases and you can charge your customer accordingly. Torrey meat grinders are made to sit above the counter and can grind up to 700 pounds of meat per hour. With this added tool, any type of meat can be grinded, so this means that you can even expand your menu.

One of the most innovative products from Torrey restaurant equipment in Nashville, TN is the touchscreen label printing scale. Not only can you weigh your items, you can print out labels for it using the 300 preloaded images or uploading images of your own. More of your products can be packaged and sold using this innovative technology. The scale weight up to 40 pounds and is programmable for 10,000 items. Imagine printing prices, barcodes, product description, weight and other descriptions right at your fingertips.

For displaying your products Torrey restaurant equipment in Nashville, has deli cases complete with lighting and air cooling technology. The temperature within each unit can be adjusted for better regulation of the type of items you wish to display. There are three levels of shelving, so you can display a large quantity of items if you wish. 2 of the shelves are adjustable so that you do not have a limit in height. Cleaning is very easy as all the two adjustable shelves can be removed. With this deli case, you can ensure that your products remain fresh for your customers.