Refrigerators are one of the most important equipment in any restaurant business. When shopping for Used Refrigeration Equipment for your restaurant, follow these guidelines:

  • History of Use

It is very important that you find out why the appliance is being sold as Used Refrigeration Equipment because this would highlight significantly, whether or not you should purchase it. Albeit, low prices are guaranteed to attract you but most importantly, you have to know if it stopped working, how often was it repaired and the age of the equipment. You should also ask about how often the equipment should be scheduled for a maintenance, whether there are technicians available and what are the most expensive parts.


  • Cost of Repairs

Used Refrigeration Equipment is expected to be severely lower in price than new equipment. However, you need to calculate whether the cost to repair it would be the same cost or more, of the price you pay to purchase it used. If so, then purchasing a used appliance is simply not worth it, unless you are guaranteed to use it for a very long time before anything untoward happens to it. Cost of service, repairs and parts would guide you. However, if repairing a new refrigerator is about the same as paying for a used refrigerator, then this is where you would want to choose the latter option.

  • Energy Consumption

A new refrigerator and Used Refrigeration Equipment may give you the same cost factor for energy consumption, so this is not an issue. However, you are responsible for checking the energy consumption of the refrigerator as well as checking for weird noises, flickering lights and secured doors, since these may cause your electricity consumption to increase. Usually older refrigerators may need to have the rubber lining the doors replaced because it tends to lose its effectiveness from constant opening and closing over the years. 

  • Brand, Make and Model

Pay attention to the Brand, the Make and the Model of the Used Refrigeration Equipment because sometimes the make and model especially, may be severely outdated and the parts, discontinued. You can also research the reviews of some of the major issues other customers are having with the particular brand, make or model. The least popular brands are always less expensive than the popular brands but only purchase the former if you have done your research.

  • Capacity and Budget

Determine the absolute size you would need before you could negotiate on it. Then decide on your budget. These go hand-in-hand, but you would not want to purchase too large so that you have problems to fit it in your space, or too small that it cannot hold everything it should. Refrigerators also come in different styles from single doors to double doors, to drawers and other features. Temperature is another issue. Check that the temperature is working and what is the lowest it can go. Used Refrigeration Equipmentmay not work at optimal cooling capacity and sometimes it may work even better than new refrigerators.