The most integral equipment in any restaurant is a refrigerator. At the end of the day, it ensures the preservation of food, so that you don’t have to run off to the market every day to grab a new assortment of cold cuts, meats, fresh vegetables, drinks and a dozen other things.

Restaurant refrigeration ranges from small coolers to massive walk in refrigerators and freezers. Selecting the right type of refrigeration for your new restaurant will make your commercial kitchen a success!

But are you aware of the different types available in the market? Learn about the various refrigeratortypes here and decide:

Reach-In Coolers

A reach-in cooler is low to the ground with usually two and sometimes three doors. You will have to reach in to find items. Their performance enhances if they are isolated from the cooking line and all its heat. This will help in keeping the food stored inside the reach-ins at safe holding temperatures.

Refrigeration Drawers

These are commonly known as fish-drawers and are suitable for small restaurant kitchens. It is designed in a manner to be installed directly into a cooking line and can hold seafood, meat and poultry for grill and sauté stations.


Walk-In Coolers

Walk-in coolers vary in size. They can be the size of a small closet or as big as a living room. They are good for holding large boxes of produce, blocks of cheese and everything else that is large, perishable and bulky.

Restaurant Bar Refrigeration

Coolers that are used in bars are known as low boys (low to the ground) or high boys (waist level refrigerators). These are commonly used for storing canned, bottled and other types of beverages. Even though there are other types of refrigerators used for storing beer kegs, you can even store them in these low or high boy coolers if there’s space restriction.

Restaurant Freezers

Similar to coolers, restaurant freezers can either be a walk-in or a reach-in. Available in different types, the most common types of restaurant freezer is a blast chiller, especially if you specialize in desserts that need to be served chilled. Other types of freezers that are used by restaurants are under-counter freezers, commercial chest freezers and ice-cream cabinets.

There are a number of refrigerators available in the market. Selecting the one that best suits your business will help you save a deal of startup capital. Buy the one that best fits your restaurant/bar.

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