Restaurant supply store, Nashville, TN supplies commercial restaurant equipment such as Commercial Cookware such as Counter top ranges, Counter Electric ranges, Induction cookers and Induction Ranges, Heavy duty gas counter tops, etc., Commercial deep fryers, Commercial Grills and Griddles, Specialty cooking equipment such as Pasta cookers and rethermalizers, Rice cookers and warmers, immersion circulators, crepe makers, Waffle cone making equipment, etc., Steamers, Ovens and Steam Kettles, Toasters and Breakfast equipment, Commercial boilers, etc.

Commercial Refrigeration:

All food services need equipment to store and keep the food rich and fresh. Some items will need to be stored at cool temperatures, while others need to be deep frozen. Some items on display such as cakes and pastries need to be stored at low temperatures too. Even the fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, etc. have to be stored in cold temperature to be maintained fresh. Whatever is stored, is stored in bulk and large quantities.

Reach in refrigerators help to store liquids in bottles. Prep refrigerators help to store stuff such as ice cream. Bar refrigerators can be used to store beverages containing alcohol.

Commercial Ovens:

Ovens are heating equipment used in almost all food industries, be it pizza, parlor, fast food, fine dining, all-nighter, etc. Ovens can be used to cook fresh food and reheating as well.

Commercial Work Tables:

They come in a variety of styles with or without undershelves. Some of them have back splashes.

Beverage Equipment:

Beverage makers are available for preparing tea, coffee, other beverages juices, smoothies, etc.

Other available products are Coffee/ Cappuccino/ Espresso equipment, cold and frozen, juicers, blenders, milkshakes, hot beverages, under bar equipment and accessories.

Food holding and warming equipment:

Maintaining prepared food and holding them at a specific temperature. This includes heated banquet carts, portable steam tables, etc.

Commercial sinks:

All food service outlets will have cooking and serving utensils to be cleaned. This will require efficient sinks to wash in bulk. Hence, commercial sinks are available.

Food display and merchandising equipment:

 All eateries will have some kind of food on display. The equipment used will keep the food fresh and maintain the right temperature as well. 

Some other commercial equipment include: hot dog equipment, popcorn equipment, condiment dispenser, napkin dispenser, nacho cheese warmers, counter top pizza warmers, push button dispensers, spoons and fork dispensers, ladle dispensers, carving stations, carving shelves, cotton candy machines, ice cream supplies, chips warmers, etc.

Other essential equipment include dish washers, cabinet washers, tray cleaners, waste disposal equipment, ice makers, ice cube machines, flake makers, ice dispensers, etc.

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