Blenders are essential for every bar. After all, you cannot serve daiquiris and frozen margaritas without them.

So you’re finally opening a bar and are looking for the most essential equipment, blenders. Do you know which one to go for? Not all blenders are designed for bar use; however, bar managers should be sure to choose a blender that’ll work well in their space and with their menu items. Before you choose which bar blender and which model should you buy, decide on the manufacturer.

Considering the options, we suggest opting for Skyfood Bar Blenders. Here’s why there’re known as one of the best bar blenders:

Heavy Duty Motor

Skyfood bar blenders are known for their high quality manufacturing. They are produced with a heavy-duty motor that offers maximum protection and long life. Skyfood bar blenders come with a noise reduction feature. Their quite operation is a feature why it is widely used in bars. Due to its heavy-duty motor, the bar blender maintains stability while blending which results in consistent high quality juices and beverages.  

2-Speed Motor

Skyfood bar blenders come with a powerful, 2-speed commercial motor. This makes it easy to operate them and helps in preparing perfect smoothies in no time. These bar blenders are popularly known for making frozen coffee drinks, sauces and much more.

Exclusive Blade Design

As a bar owner, you need a bar blender that offers continuity without any hassle. The sharp 4-blade stainless steel cutting assembly of Skyfood blenders helps use it constantly. Now even if your bar is jam-packed, you need not worry about your equipment wearing out.

Various Models

Numerous models of Skyfood bar blenders are available in the market, depending on your need, capacity and other aspects; you can choose the one that best suits your bar needs. Make sure that you do not pick a blender that has not been manufactured for commercial use.


Of course, you need equipments that doesn’t not exceed your budget. Skyfood offers the best priced bar blenders in the market. As it is of the main equipments for you bar, you need to make sure that you get the best one. All Skyfood bar blenders are sold with one-year warranty. Thus, more cost savings!

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