A commercial kitchen is significantly incomplete without the proper restaurant equipment and appliances. While most new restaurants focus on acquiring the counter-top equipment first, there are some who completely overlook its importance. These restaurant appliances help in quicker and efficient preparation of food and beverages. It reduces the meal preparation cycle; hence, improving your overall service and experience for your diners. Here’s a list of must-have restaurant equipment for your counter-tops.


Blenders are utilized for multiple purposes in most commercial kitchens; making soups with vegetables, healthy and delicious smoothies, including instant crushed ice for dressings on syrupy cones. These high powered appliances are a must-have for your restaurant kitchen counter-top. You can buy blenders online.

Stand Mixers

You serve individual portions of freshly baked bread for breakfast; get the stand mixer to help you knead the dough! Cupcakes, cakes, mixing - it does it all. What’s more, the stand mixers allow your chefs the added liberty of multitasking and breezing through their work to cater to more customers in a limited time frame.

Espresso Machines

Coffee is the essential beverage in our society. To not be able to serve it to your customers would be a shame. Get your very own espresso machine to grind, brew, and serves steaming hot coffee to your customers with minimal effort! Happy customers mean a growing business! Check out these coffee makers on our product portfolio! 

Soda Dispensers

This one is a must for fast food restaurants, but is a growing necessity for all other types of restaurants as well. These units offer value for money in terms of their function and the time-saving by dispensing fresh soda mixed with little amounts of additives.

Toaster Ovens

Extra cooking space, flexibility in food preparation, heating food, toasting breads – there’s little these toaster ovens won’t do for you. Having one of these in your restaurant kitchen is one of the smartest investments you can make. It saves time, adds variety to your menu, and helps you cater customers of different meal times, (e.g. breakfast). Toaster ovens are equipment versatility at their best! 

This list doesn’t end here. There’s a lot more to go, which will be covered in our next blog. Keep a watch out for that. Till then, maybe you can pick out the above mentioned equipment from our online restaurant equipment supply store; don’t forget to check out our collection of used restaurant equipment on sale!