Counter top restaurant equipment play an essential part in determining how efficient and well-equipped a restaurant kitchen is. While most equipment, like the ones mentioned in our previous blog, are quintessential throughout the restaurant industry, others like the ones listed below, may vary according to the menus served by each restaurant. So what are these equipment? Let’s find out.

Food Processors

The food processor may be one of the appliances that is a requisite for all restaurants, regardless of the type of menu they serve. They make the process of chopping, slicing, pureeing, blending, and kneading quick, simple and convenient. To say a restaurant can do without one would be far from the truth. If you’re looking for the best commercial food processors in the market, take a look at these.

Waffle, Crepes, and Pancake Makers

Want to serve a decent American breakfast at your eatery? You need to invest in crepe, pancake, and waffle makers. Simple to operate and quick with serving, these appliances will have your restaurant and/or café boisterous with happy breakfast customers. You can buy the equipment right here.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

This gem of modern technology is revolutionizing the restaurant business. To deal with the cutthroat competition faced by restaurant owners, it is imperative that they capitalize on things other than a growing customer base. Factors like reducing food wastage, and saving on preparation time go a long way in making one restaurant better than others. The vacuum packaging machine does just that, helping chefs worldwide preserve the freshness of ingredients, and infuse marinades better into the meat selection. It is also the basic tool for the sous vide style of cooking.

Hot Dog Equipment

Who doesn’t like hot dogs! If your fast food diner/restaurant is serving delicious hot dogs, you are sure to draw crowds of customers looking to grab a quick bite. Work smart and cater to a large amount of customers at the same time by getting the hot dog broilers, grills, and steamers to reduce and fast pace your work load.

Cold Food Wells

Whether it is a salad bar you want to place for your customers, or simply organizing the cold food available for serving in your restaurant kitchen, a cold food well is exactly what you need. Efficiently sort the assortment of salad goodies, or those cold sides to accompany your meals into these wells, and keep your counter tops spotlessly clean.

You now know what to get for your restaurant counter tops! But before you wander off to look for places to buy them, checkout the comprehensive range of the counter top equipment available at our online restaurant equipment and supply store. We sell brand new and used restaurant equipment at affordable prices.