Are you a new restaurant owner looking for ways to take your business to the next level? Why not add a few different and exciting flavors of margarita and surprise your customers?

But, before adding it to your menu, make sure that you buy a top quality margarita machine to create a refreshing glass of drink! Here are a few aspects that you should consider when buying a margarita machine:

Size of the Machine

Decide on the size of the machine depending on the production and serving size. Are you looking for a small blender where you can make small amounts of drinks at a time or do you need a blender for making large amounts of drinks?

Consider the average volume you need per drink before you finally make a decision on the size of the machine. Also consider future growth prospects. If you’re looking to expand your restaurant or club in the near future, it would be wise to invest in a larger sized blender in the first place, instead of incurring the cost again.

Blender Speeds

Look for blenders with different speeds. This is a sign of a high quality blender. Also, look for a blender with a pulse option. It’ll help you in chopping hard ice and serving your customers with a chilled glass of margarita! Do not opt for a blender that doesn’t have any of these options.

Power of the Motor

Power of the blender’s motor is extremely important. Chopping of the fruit and ice depends on the power of the motor. A normal blender’s motor generally possesses power between 300 to 600 watts. However, bigger and better blenders can go up to 1000 watts. There’s no doubt that a powerful motor will be expensive as compared to others, but it’ll offer more cost savings in the future.

Type of Machine

There are majorly two types of blenders: the traditional blender and a frozen drink blender. Decide on the type of drinks you’re looking to include in your menu. If you are more interested in offering frozen drinks, buy a frozen drink blender. Traditional blenders do not have the option for making frozen drinks. Frozen blenders, on the other hand, include an ice chopper for creating chilled drinks.

Easy to Use and Clean

As a restaurant manager, you understand the implications of long wait hours. You don’t want to keep your customers waiting. Make sure that the machine is easy to operate, and more important, easy to clean. Pieces of fruits and ice get stuck in the jar which makes cleaning a hassle. Make sure that you remove the blades easily for proper cleaning without any risks of getting injured.

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