Supplies for any commercial kitchen are crucial. It becomes a matter of where to get good quality supplies, and a struggle of staying within your financial limits. Used restaurant supplies is a good alternative yet can still be tricky to maneuver the market for said supplies, and know who to trust and who is a scam. There are a few ways to weed out the good from the bad and stock your kitchen full of proper supplies.


Check the brand name

Even though you are buying used does not mean that you have to settle for an off brand or otherwise unfamiliar make of kitchen supplies that you are wanting or used to. When purchasing from a supplier keep in mind the kinds of brands that they offer. When it is first constructed with the finer materials, then even after multiple uses it will still be able to hold up well. Used equipment was once new, and should be made from the best quality possible, rather than cheap, flimsy, materials.



Before committing to a supplier conduct your research on the company that you are about to hand your money over to. If they have a bad reputation or bad reviews then do not put your trust or money into that supplier. Also, contact some fellow restaurateurs to see where they may have purchased their used restaurant supplies from. With this knowledge you are sure to make an informed decision. After verifying if they are a quality supplier or not then you can either purchase your supplies from them, or move on to the hundreds of other options that are available.



Before the supplies are even shipped to you they must go through a process of inspection to make sure that there are no major faults. Once the equipment has arrived to you, the best suggestion would be to conduct your own inspection. Look over the equipment and make sure it is what the company promised to deliver. If not return the item, get your money back, and try to avoid that supplier in the future. The last thing that you would want is faulty supplies. Having this can slow down the production and output of a stable kitchen.


They can be a highly smart investment but only if you shop smart. Make sure to follow the suggestions when purchasing your used restaurant supplies to make the best choice possible. With all the options out there it can seem like a daunting task, yet it is important to keep in mind some key elements to look for when choosing where to purchase your used restaurant supplies, and once that is decided what exactly to purchase.