Opening up a new restaurant is a huge challenge and one that many people are reluctant to take. You might be highly passionate about the restaurant industry and business, and you already might have a business plan and an idea about what your ideal restaurant would look like. Maybe you’ve even chosen the theme and the food, you can see in your mind what the place looks like, what the food tastes like, and you can imagine the people enjoying it and having a good time.

But when you look at how much the rent costs, the equipment, the supplies, the employees, and then your own bank account and wallet, you leave that idea for some far away time when you can afford it. You can actually make your dream come true without being broke and having no food of your own except for at the restaurant.

You can get much of your financing if you go ahead and compile your plan on paper, send it to the bank and after much careful vetting and checking, they might grant you a small business loan. That will be enough to rent the place and buy some equipment. It might even be enough to pay a chef and a few waiters, and some restaurant furniture.

The problem will be that you will end up with only a half furnished restaurant and you will definitely lack key supplies to start off your business. So you could postpone your dream for a bit and get odd jobs to make some money. And then the best thing you will ever do is buy used restaurant supplies.

When people mention used supplies, they immediately think shabby things that are dirty and broken and good for nothing. But they don’t have to be that way. If you pick the right place to get them from, with a little bit of cleaning and fixing up, they will be as good as new.

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