Getting a food-oriented business off the ground is littered with challenges and unpredictability.  You have the idea for your product offering but you need the proper equipment to prepare and sell your product.  The needs of a food truck are very different to a large scale restaurant.  Either way, you will still need a suitable space to prepare the food.

The investment decision when it comes to restaurant and kitchen equipment is a big one.  You do not want to get it wrong.  When you are just starting out, you may not have all the funding capital required to completely kit out your kitchen area with everything new.  However, trying to decide when to buy new or use is a hard decision to make when you are ill-prepared or misinformed.  Here are some tips to steer you in the right direction.

Always choose high-quality commercial-grade

No matter the scale of the operation or the nature of the enterprise, all food-oriented businesses must have a reliable kitchen to prepare the items on their menu.  When it comes to equipping the kitchen area the biggest concern is always cost.  When buying wholesale restaurant supplies, ensure that it is a high-quality, commercial-grade piece of equipment.  You do not want your kitchen equipment failing on you halfway through the lunch or dinner time rush. Considering the cost involved with purchasing kitchen equipment, many consider buying used equipment but that comes with its own set of pitfalls.

There are times when used restaurant supplies will be a viable choice and where the risks are mitigated.  However, always consider your current kitchen layout and available space, budget and menu.  Never buy household kitchen equipment for your restaurant undertaking, no matter the size and scope of your business.  Household appliances will certainly let you down and will require a constant investment to repair or replace.  Also, regular kitchen equipment will fall far short of the health and safety rules for a restaurant kitchen.  Commercial-grade supplies are hard-working, well designed for its purpose, and easy to clean.

New when possible; Used when practical

Buying new equipment is not always possible as it is expensive.  However, there are circumstances when you have no other option.  For example, equipment like deep fryers and ice machines will corrode and leak over time.  It is advised to always buy these sorts of supplies new.  Also, buying new gives you peace of mind that the equipment will not breakdown a few month after purchase and new supplies comes with a warranty.

Used wholesale restaurant supplies can be bought used especially when you invest in reputable, high-quality brands.  It is best to ask industry professionals and stores you trust for advice.  For example, you can be assured that buying good cooking supplies used is a good investment.  Gas supplies are often reliable and repairing them will not be an expensive undertaking.

Always keep in mind that no matter what you choose, new or used, the equipment you buy is an investment in the overall success of your business.