Restaurant supplies are an essential part of your restaurant business. The kind of equipment used makes a great impact on the food and service. Restaurant supplies, being an integral part of your business, errors if any can affect your business a great deal. Commercial restaurant equipment includes the following.

  1. Kitchen vessels and Appliances
  2. Food storage and work surfaces
  3. Cooking utensils
  4. Bar items
  5. Point of Sale system to handle your business needs.

Other items include furniture, plumbing, electrical fittings and cleaning supplies.

Some important points to remember when buying kitchen supplies are

Clear Planning

Take time to plan on exactly what you want. Make a list of all the items needed for your restaurant. A list helps in knowing that you have not forgotten anything. This is important when allotting a budget for your purchases. Items can be altered or cancelled later.


Do a thorough research online to find out the product most suited at the affordable price. You can surf the internet or visit a local store to get a firsthand experience.


After having shortlisted the items check whether the size is appropriate for your kitchen. Space available is an important factor. Often with just a little increase a bigger appliance is available. However if does not fit in it is of no use.


The quality of the product chosen must be durable and long lasting. Usually kitchen equipments are one time purchases and they must last long without needing frequent repairs. Equipment must be commercial grade supplies. This is required by law to ensure safety of your staff and visitors. Be clear about the warranty conditions.

Other aspects

Check with the supplier about spare parts and other accessories. They must be available on demand. Technicians must be available for regular service and maintenance. Service must be available 24/7. This is important because your equipment may develop a problem at a time when the crowd is at its peak.

Wholesale restaurant supplies can be bought new or second hand. Low cost equipment is a good option for businesses with a low budget. Older equipment if maintained well can work as well as a new one. Payment terms and refund must be discussed. Rebates and discounts are also offered. They may be for wholesale restaurant supplies. There are many wholesale restaurant suppliers who offer whole sale prices without requiring wholesale quantities.

Food is another important requirement of a restaurant. Compared to equipment which may be a onetime purchase food has to be done frequently. It can be daily, weekly or monthly. The quality of food is essential for the success of your restaurant.

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