A refrigerated display case is something that every restaurant needs. The display case is used to store food items that require cooling to remain fresh. Moreover, the transparent panels of the display case present the food items in the best light to the customers. However, there are so many options available that picking one becomes a hard task indeed. You have to make sure that you select the best display case that is energy efficient and made to last for a long time.

When it comes to refrigerated display case, True Food Service Equipment's TCGR-50-CD refrigerated display case is certainly one of the best. Here you will learn salient features of the display case that makes it worthy of investment for fulfilling your restaurant needs.

TCGR-50-CD Product Features Summary

True Food Service Equipment, Inc Model TCGR-50-CD Display Case and Refrigerated Deli will be a great addition to store various kinds of food items such as bread, fish, meat, butter, sandwich, fruits, vegetables, sausages, cheese, and others. The refrigerated display case is suitable for any diner, restaurant, sandwich shop, deli, or concession stand.

Appealing Design and Display

True's TCGR-50-CD comes with a front curved glass that offers a look of simple elegance and style. The display shelf has two rows that can hold large number of food items. The refrigerated display case features high volume merchandising, energy efficiency, and exceptional curved front glass that provides elegant display of deli food items. The refrigerated display cabinet is NSF-7 certified to hold open food items safe for a long duration.

Efficient Operation

The self contained unit is free of CFC that cause harm to the environment when released. Moreover, high volume and efficient low velocity airflow ensures that the temperature is maintained between 36°F to 38°F (2.2°C to 3.3°C). This allows food items that require cold storage such as deli meats and cheeses to be kept perfectly cool and fresh without drying out.

Insulated Double Pane Front Glass

The glass front and side panels of the refrigerated display case is insulated and doubled paned. This provides extra protection to the food items and offer extra large viewing area for best presentation of the food items. The front glass tilts forward that allows easy cleaning of the device.

Quality Materials and Parts

The display case features stainless steel interior top and sides. Stainless steel build ensures maximum life of the display case and prevents erosion and rusting. The exterior sides and front panel are laminated that provides increased insulation of the food items. Finally, the floor of the TCGR-50-CD display case is highly impact resistant that increases durability of the refrigerated case.

Final Remarks!

Apart from the above, there are various other value added features offered by True TCGR-50-CD refrigerated display equipment. The restaurant equipment comes with cantilevered, adjustable, and lighted mezzanine shelf. Moreover, the refrigerated display case boasts of low UV emitting lighting system that illuminates the food items in the best way.