Complete Turnover Project for Restaurant-Bar-Grocery Store Etc - Chef's Deal

Ever since our inception in the year 2003, we have been dedicated to providing consulting solutions to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, convenient stores, institutions, hotels etc all across the United States. For this set of 17 years, we have been meeting customer expectations and providing high-value services.

Our array of clients includes restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs and the likes. Being a part of the Pride Centric Resource Group, we derive huge earnings from those areas and are thus able to give our clients huge discounts. 

At Chef’s Deals, we provide the maximum comfort to all chefs across our serving locations. We design and deliver all related kitchen and restaurant supplies and equipment. To add to that, we function with our delivery executives and thus do not have to rely on external couriers or packaging services.

What about the quality of our equipment? All of these equipment and products are checked for quality and tested before delivering to our clients. To add to that, we provide a detailed product manual to help you through the installation and using the equipment. Our installation crew can see through the whole process once the equipment reach your kitchen. 

We understand that setting up your restaurant or food joint or even conducting repairs and renovation might prove to be heavy on the pockets. But that is no reason to compromise on the quality or design of the establishment. We have rather interesting financing schemes that could potentially help you be more ambitious.

All thanks to our financing partners simple financing system, all you have to do is pay low monthly instalments such that your investments are covered up and you get your money back based on your business. Also, since it is tax deductible, it becomes even more convenient for you. 

We offer a complete set of services. We start with the design and the planning phase of the project. This is baked by the layout phase where all the designs are checked and put in place. Finally, the services extend up to the consulting ideas. Here is a brief look into what we do for our clients. 

  • General

This basically refers to all general services taken up. This includes setting up the restaurant, looking into the architecture and designs and the likes. 

  • Equipment

We also take up nationwide distribution of high-quality kitchen equipment. We can boast of a large inventory consisting of different kitchen equipment.

  • Installation

Our team of consultant and executives are not only well trained to handle installations, but also have sufficient experience in this regard. At the same time, we cater to all local code enforcement practices. Pre-tested equipment are delivered to suit all the kitchen needs. 


We are a part of the very reputable buying group, Pride Centric Resource Group . As a result, we host the best of all supplies and equipment from the best brands across the United States and Canada. We reach out to different manufacturers and ensure that we stock up on the best models.