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Setting up a new restaurant could be one of the hardest things ever. And it is, indeed, a very expensive affair. So, should the expenses put your ambitious plan of getting your own restaurant on the backseat for you? Well, for as long as you trust Chef”s Deal, you do not have to worry about the finances anymore.

Our smart financing schemes can help you set up the perfect place without drilling a hole down the pockets. We support all kinds of support and help them through the establishment phase.  

Our financing link- Quick Spark takes you through an entire payment process. The total amount charged to your name or account is then broken down into smaller equated monthly instalment (EMIs) or payments. And the best part about all this is the fact that this sort of payment mode helps you recover your costs over time. How does that work?

Let us consider a situation when your new kitchen equipment costs you a good $6,000. You could either pay for this investment in one go or you could also make monthly payments. For instance, your monthly payment adds up to $225. That does the work for you for your investment. What about your earnings? If you make an additional $2,500 in your restaurant for using the equipment, you still make a profit of $2,270. In this way, it becomes easy for you to get your money back and also get the right set of equipment or devices for your restaurant kitchen. 

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Financing Using Chef”s Deal Services?

  • Revenue

The small monthly payments can actually help you save a lot of money. Before you even start paying off your EMI, you will have made a profit from the new inclusions in the kitchen. 

  • Comfortable monthly payments

The payments have been designed to suit you and your business needs. You can choose from flexible tenures for repayment starting from 12 months to 60 months. This ensures that adopting newer equipment in your restaurant does not actually make your finances go for a toss. We cater to all kinds and sizes of businesses and processes. 

  • Fast and easy

The whole process of changing your purchase into an installment scheme is a rather simple one and does not waste a lot of time. Choose the goods, select a suitable payment scheme and you are good to go! 

  • Tax deductible

Most businesses are allowed to actually deduct the entire buying price of the financed equipment. The total equipment cost is thus covered. 

  • Open lines of credit

Instead of making one huge investment, businesses are now able to break down the payment into multiple parts. In this way, you are also keeping all the cash and lines of credit open for any emergencies. 

Who can request a monthly payment scheme? 

  • Startup business ventures
  • Small and medium scale enterprises
  • Established businesses 
  • Businesses with an excessively high or low credit score 

To learn more about our restaurant equipment financing options, contact us today.