Champion 100 PRO Conveyor Type Dishwasher

Champion 100 PRO Conveyor Type Dishwasher


Champion 100 PRO Conveyor Type Dishwasher


Special Price $81,938.50

Pro Series, 64”W two tank rack conveyor dishwasher, with 36” pre-wash, proportional rinse, Progressive anti-jam drive system, top mounted Prodigy series HMI user interface, Proactive maintenance software, (100) gallons per hour with energy sentinel (idle pump shut-off), (348) racks per hour, single-piece hood design, single-piece stainless steel upper & lower wash arms manifolds, internal removable scrap basket & dual-piece scrap screens, 20” standard vertical clearance, accommodates 18” x 26” sheet pans, auto delime function, full 180° opening leak proof insulated hinged access doors, automatic tank fill, door safety switches, leak-proof ball valve drains, lower front & side enclosure panels, stainless steel heavy gauge construction including base and legs, electric tank heat, 2 HP pre-wash, 2 HP wash & power rinse pumps, vent fan control, stainless steel rear manifolds, cULus, Made in USA, ENERGY STAR®

Champion 100 PRO Specs

Brand Champion
Model Number 100 PRO
Weight 1300 lbs
Width 116"
Tank Heat electric
Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR®
Construction stainless steel
Rack capacity approximately (350) racks/hour
Temperature high temp without booster
Tank design (2) tank with pre-wash

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Champion 100-PRO


  • NEW Auto Delime Function
  • PROgressive drive system, with intuitive jam alert, and drive protection
  • Proportional rinse, delivering unmatched total ware coverage, utilizing digital pattern cloning, stainless steel nozzles
  • 348 racks per hour
  • 100 GPH with energy sentinel (idle pump shut-off )
  • Prodigy series HMI display, intuitive condition alerts, with user friendly cleaning and operation visual guidance, multi-lingual, touch control
  • Proactive maintenance interface, selfdiagnostics, problem recognition, with repair recommendation, from HMI touch screen
  • Programmable machine dwell with automatic rack alignment into the optimal wash zone
  • Automatic drain valve Exclusive!
  • Single-piece hood design
  • Single-piece stainless steel upper and lower wash arm manifolds
  • Two point electrical connection, machine and built-in booster heater
  • 20" standard vertical clearance which accommodates 18" x 26" sheet pans
  • Full 180° opening leak proof insulated hinged access doors
  • Stainless steel heavy gauge construction including base, legs and feet
  • Enclosure panels (front and sides)
  • 2 HP pump motors, with stainless steel impeller
  • Factory Authorized Start-up
  • Vent fan control
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Made in America
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