Cleveland 36GMK66300 Gas Kettle Cabinet Assembly

Cleveland 36GMK66300 Gas Kettle Cabinet Assembly


Cleveland 36GMK66300 Gas Kettle Cabinet Assembly

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Kettle/Cabinet Assembly, gas, 36" W cabinet base, with two 6-gallon kettles, standard height cabinet, with 300,000 BTU gas boiler, includes lift-off cover, double pantry faucet, sink & drain, splash guard, 316 stainless steel liner, factory installed steam control kit


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Cleveland 36GMK66300 Specs

Brand Cleveland
Model Number 36GMK66300
Weight 620 lbs
Base 36" wide cabinet
Kettle Liner stainless steel

The Cleveland 36GMK66300 Modular Base With Kettle(s)

Cleveland 36GMK66300 Standard Features

  • Factory assembled Kettle/Steam Generator NickleGard Base combination with one or two,6 gallon kettles with 200M BTU Gas-Fired Steam Generator
  • Type 430 Stainless Steel exterior enclosure, and table top (with Drain Trough which has 1.50" diameter male drain), #4 exterior finish
  • Kettle(s) have 50 psi Steam Jacket Rating, 50 psi chrome plated Safety Valve(s) and Manual Tilting, balanced design
  • Steam Generator empties under pressure (blowdown) automatically upon each Shut-Down. Automatic Water Refill on Start-Up
  • Solid State steam generator Water Level Controls
  • Low Water Safety Cut-Off
  • Pressure Limit Controls with 15 psi Safety Valve
  • Type 304 Stainless kettle(s), #4 exterior finish
  • Separate "Start/Reset" Illuminated Switch Controls, plus Pressure Gauge
  • Solid State Electronic Spark Ignition for energy savings
  • Major components serviceable from the front of the unit
  • 6 gallon kettle(s) are 2/3 Steam Jacketed and include Lift off Cover(s)
  • Hot and Cold Water Faucet with Swing Spout
  • Tilt Handles can be mounted on either side
  • Standard voltage for controls is 115 volt, 60 Hz, single phase
  • Adjustable Flanged Feet (FF-A)
  • Stainless Steel Base Frame (FSS)

Cleveland 36GMK66300 Specification

Shall be CLEVELAND, Modular Cabinet Base with one or two, 6 gallon kettle(s), Model _____ GM-K _____ -200, 200M Nickelguard™ BTU Gas-Fired Steam Generator, type 430 Stainless Steel exterior enclosure, Table Top, Back Splash and 4 level adjustable feet. 2/3 Steam Jacketed type 304 Stainless Steel kettle(s) with 50 psi Steam Jacket Rating; needle type Steam Control Valve on each kettle. Console mounted Controls, Pressure Gauge and Illuminated "Start/Reset" Control Switches. Solid State Water Level Steam Generator Controls and Electronic Spark Ignition. Steam Generator drains under pressure (blowdown) after each Shut-Down with Automatic Water Refill on Start-Up. 15 psi Safety Valve.

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