Cleveland KGL40T Tilting Gas Kettle

Cleveland KGL40T Tilting Gas Kettle


Cleveland KGL40T Tilting Gas Kettle



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Kettle, gas, tilting, 40-gallon capacity, 2/3 steam jacket design, 316 stainless steel interior, floor mounted control console supports, 304 stainless steel construction, flanged feet, 50 psi rating, electronic spark ignition, cover & draw-off optional, 140,000 BTU

Cleveland KGL40T Specs

Brand Cleveland
Model Number KGL40T
Weight 527 lbs
Width 45.75"
Width 45.75"
Height 45.58"
Depth 42.25"
Capacity 30 - 45 gallon
Kettle Liner 316 stainless steel
Kettle Jacket partial jacket

The Cleveland KGL40T Steam Jacketed Gas-Fired Kettles

Why Use Cleveland Steam Jacketed Kettles?

Cleveland steam jacketed kettles offer ultra efficient heat transfer, uniform heating and superior product handling. Steam jacketed kettles offer faster cooking times because two thirds of the cooking surface comes into contact with the product at a much lower temperature, compared to stock pots that use a much higher temperature only at the bottom of the pot. In addition, accurate temperature controls eliminate constant monitoring and resetting. Foods won’t burn or scorch and you can hold product at a simmer without over cooking. Tilting models makes product handling simple. Clean up is easy since food isn’t burned or over cooked like stock pots. Ideal For: Soups, delicate sauces, pasta, gravies, desserts,stews, braising meats, rice, reheating dishes and holding them until serving.

Increases Quality and Productivity

  • Heats from all sides and has 3-4 times larger heat surface than stock pots
  • Gentle uniform cooking.
  • Faster cooking times using high energy steam.
  • Precision temperature controls from a simmer to a boil.
  • No hot spots

Improves Operator's Profits By

  • Reduces food waste due to over cooking and burning.
  • Reheat meals without over cooking.
  • Simmer food all day without over cooking.
  • Simplifies and standardizes recipe and enhances recipe development.

Improves Worker Safety

  • Tilting models make pouring safe.
  • Eliminates heavy lifting and carrying hot stock pots.

Saves Energy and Time

  • Kettles use 35% less energy than stock pots on an open burner.
  • Keeps kitchens cooler.
  • Eliminates scrubbing of messy stock pots.
  • Butterfly shaped pouring lip accurately pours product into containers for serving.

Cleveland KGL40T Standard Features

  • Fast Heat-up and Recovery Time, 140M BTU’s on 40 gallon models, 190M BTU’s on 60 gallon and larger
  • Steam Jacket permanently filled with treated, distilled water. Venting and/or refilling not required.
  • High efficiency Power Burner Heating System (62% to 65% efficiency)
  • Insulated Heat Exchanger
  • Automatic Ignition System
  • Solid State Controls, for Temperature and Low Water Safety, in a plugin Control Module
  • Control Panel includes:
      Precise, consistent temperature control: less than ± 1°C variance (ideal for simmering).
      L.E.D. Indicators for Heat Cycle and Low Water Warning.
      Power “on/off” Switch
  • Front mounted combination Pressure/Vacuum Gauge
  • Type 304 Stainless Steel with #4 finish on kettle and supports
  • Tilt Mechanism of roller bearings and case hardened self-locking worm and segment gear
  • Support Legs with level adjustable feet, flanged for floor bolting
  • 50 psi Steam Jacket Rating and Safety Valve
  • Standard voltage is 115 volts, 60 Hz, single-phase, supplied with cord and plug
  • Standard for natural gas operation
  • Typical approvals include AGA, CSA, CE, NSF and ASME

Cleveland KGL40T Optional Features

  • 2˝ or 3" diameter Tangent Draw-Off Valve with Drain Strainer (TD2 or TD3*), *TD3 for 60 and 80 gallon only and will raise height of kettle by 5-5/8" (143mm)
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel Kettle Liner for high acid food products (316)
  • Pan Carrier (PCK)
  • Flow Diverter (FD)
  • Food Strainer (FS)
  • Kettle Markings (KM)
  • Cooking Baskets and Tri-Basket Supports (BS and TBS)
  • Drain Strainers (DS-)
  • Faucet Mounting Bracket (FBKT)
  • 3" diameter Butterfly Valve (BV3)
  • Spring-assisted, hinged, rotatable, domed Stainless Steel Cover (CHS-)
  • Hot and Cold Water Faucet with Swing Spout (DPK)
  • Automatic Water Meter (GMF or LMF)
  • Measuring Strip (MS)
  • Option for Propane Gas operation
  • Correctional Package
  • Heat Deflector Shield (HS001)

Cleveland KGL40T Specification

CLEVELAND, Gas-Fired Tilting Kettle, 2/3 Steam Jacketed, Power Burner Heating System, Insulated Heat Exchanger, 50 psi Steam Jacket Rating. Infinite Variable Temperature Control, L.E.D. indicators for Heat Cycle and Low Water Warning, Automatic Ignition System.

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