Cleveland MKEL80T Electric Kettle Mixer

Cleveland MKEL80T Electric Kettle Mixer


Cleveland MKEL80T Electric Kettle Mixer

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Kettle/Mixer, electric, sweep/fold agitator, 80-gallon capacity, 2/3 steam jacket design, 316 series stainless steel liner, tilt-type, variable speed control, two-piece cover with screen, H/C faucet, 2" tangent draw-off, open leg base, stainless steel construction


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Cleveland MKEL80T Specs

Brand Cleveland
Model Number MKEL80T
Weight 1060 lbs
Width 65.5"
Depth 39.25"
Height 55.25"
Capacity 80 gal
Jacket 2/3 jacket
Type tilt
Base double console
Kettle Liner stainless steel

Cleveland MKEL Series


  • Shall be CLEVELAND, Model MKEL- _____ -T, console/Leg mounted, Electric Mixer Kettle with permanently filled Steam Jacket; 50 psi Kettle Jacket Rating and Safety Valve, High Wattage standard, Solid State Temperature (±1°F) and Low Water Safety Controls. 3 H.P. Hydraulic powered Scraper/Agitator and Bridge Lift. 0-40 rpm Scraper Speed with Variable Scraper to Agitator Ratio from 1-1 to 8-1. Stainless Steel enclosed Mixer Bridge. All Plumbing, Electrical and Hydraulics enclosed in Consoles. Gallon Markings. Safety Device prevents high speed starts. Safety Device prevents high speed starts; Mixer stops when Bridge is lifted. Bayonet Mounted Agitator and Scraper. 2" Tangent Draw0ff Valve. Hot and Cold Water Faucet. Kettle and all exterior surfaces are Stainless Steel.
  • Solid State Temperature Control (±1°F) for perfect simmering
  • Solid State Low Water Safety Control
  • Steam jacket filled with treated water, venting and/or refilling is not required
  • 50 psi Safety Valve and Steam Jacket Rating
  • No Water Gauge required
  • Rear mounted Pressure/Vacuum Gauge and Pressure Relief Valve
  • Infinitely variable Scraper Speed Control from 0-40 rpm
  • Infinitely Variable Ratio between Scraper And Agitator: Agitator rotates from 0-8 times the speed of the Scraper
  • Removable (without tools) Nylon Blades scape entire Jacketed surface
  • 3 Horsepower Hydraulic powered Agitator, Scraper and Bridge Lift
  • Safety device prevents high speed starts
  • Mixing stops when bridge is lifted - includes safety cover and screen
  • Agitator and Scraper are bayonet mounted for easy removal
  • Tilt mechanism of Roller Bearings and case hardened Self-Locking worm and segment gear
  • Hot and Cold Water Faucets
  • 2" diameter Tangent Draw-Off Valve with Drain Strainer
  • All Plumbing , Electrical and Hydraulics enclosed in Stainless Steel Consoles
  • Enclosed, 10 Gauge Stainless Steel hydraulically operated Mixer Bridge
  • Kettle and all exterior surfaces are Stainless Steel
  • Level adjustable feet (flanged for bolting)
  • Large Pouring Lip
  • Gallon Markings stamped into Scraper Shaft
  • Standard 208-240 volts, 60 Hz, 3 phase, 4 wire, high wattage
  • Typical approvals include UL., CSA, CE, NSF and ASME
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