Cleveland SGL40TR Gas Tilting Skillet Braising Pan

Cleveland SGL40TR Gas Tilting Skillet Braising Pan


Cleveland SGL40TR Gas Tilting Skillet Braising Pan

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DuraPan™ Tilting Skillet, gas, 40-gallon capacity, modular open base, standard with hydraulic hand tilt with quick lowering feature, stainless steel construction, includes spring-assisted cover, gallon markings and electronic spark ignition, stainless steel level adjustable feet, 130,000 BTU, CE, IPX6

Cleveland SGL40TR Specs

Brand Cleveland
Model Number SGL40TR
Weight 624 lbs
Width 48"
Width 48"
Height 42"
Depth 40"
Capacity 40 - 49 gal
Tilt manual tilt
Base modular open

The Cleveland SGL40TR Braising Pans / Tilting Skillets

Why Use Cleveland Braising Pans?

You won’t find a more versatile piece of equipment in any kitchen. Tilt Skillets, also known as Braising Pans can do it all, from grilling and braising meats to steaming vegetables and rice, simmering soups and sauces to frying chicken. You can cook almost any menu item in this one type of equipment, instead of needing, three, four or more different kinds of kitchen appliances. What makes the Tilt Skillet special is its combination of large griddle surface and liquid capacity along with the easy to tilt pan body with a spring assisted vented cover. Tilt Skillets can perform the same functions as a stock pot range, kettle, steamers and ovens.

Saves Time and Labor

Reduce cooking and preparation time in half or more by preparing one large batch instead of multiple smaller batches compared to range top cooking.

Saves Energy

Solid state thermostat controls only use the proper amount of energy for each batch. More efficient than open burner ranges and preheats faster than most commercial cooking equipment.

Improves Worker Safety

The easy to use tilting pan design allows you to pour directly into serving and cafeteria pans, thus eliminating lifting heavy pots and pans.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

No lifting or transferring, no pots and pans to wash. The water faucet or spray hose accessories makes clean up faster and safer.

Cleveland Braising Pans - Have Got You Covered

No matter what kind of braising pan/skillet will work best in your kitchen, Cleveland has the right size for you, from the 10 and 15 gallon tabletop models to 30 and 40 gallon floor models with the ultra "power burner" system. Ten and 15 gallon tabletop braising pan/skillets are electric; 30 and 40 gallon floor models are available in natural or propane gas or electric.

Cleveland SGL40TR Standard Features

  • Leg or Modular Base
  • Full 30/40 Gallon (115/150 Liters) Capacity Rating to Bottom of Pouring Lip
  • Hydraulic Hand Tilt with quick lowering feature (HTS)
  • Stainless Steel Clad 5/8" Cooking Surface Guaranteed against warpage
  • Stainless Steel Coved Cornered Pans with both Gallon and Liter Markings
  • All Stainless Steel Construction for durability and easy cleaning
  • Adjustable, Electronic Thermostat controls temperature from 100°F to 425°F
  • High Efficiency Heating System with even heat distribution
  • Electronic Spark Ignition (ESS)
  • Fast Heat-Up and Recovery Time-Preheats in 15 minutes, full capacity from cold to boiling in 60 minutes
  • Spring Assist Cover with Adjustable Vent and Full Width Handle
  • On/Off Switch, Thermostat Knob and Pilots, recessed to avoid breakage
  • Four Stainless Steel, Level adjustable feet, rear flanged for bolting
  • All Controls are serviceable from the front of the unit
  • Two Pilot Lights; Green = Power on, Amber = Temperature Cycling
  • Splash Proof Controls and Water Tight Electrical Connections
  • High Limit Safety Device set at 450°F (232°C)
  • Anti-Splash Pouring Lip
  • Supplied with Cord & Plug for 115-volt controls
  • Typical approvals include UL, CSA, CE and NSF

Cleveland SGL40TR Optional Features

  • Sliding Drain Drawer with Splash Screen (SLD) (for SGL models only)
  • Power Tilt with Hand Tilt Override (PT1)
  • Double or Single Pantry Faucet (SPS14, DPS14), includes Faucet Mounting Bracket
  • Double or Single Pantry Skillet Filler with 60" hose (SKF-S or DKF-S)
  • Hot & Cold Water Pre-Rinse Spray Head with Hose (PRS-S)
  • Voltage Options:VOSK4, 220/240 Volt, 50 Hz, 1 Phase - for export
  • Food Strainers for pouring spout (FS)
  • Vegetable Steamers (VS)
  • Poaching Pans (PP)
  • Wall Mounting (WMS)
  • In-Wall Carriers (IWCS)
  • Pan Carriers (PCS), not available on 30 gallon models with a Tangent Draw-Off Valve
  • 2" Tangent Draw-Off Valve (TD2), left side only

Cleveland SGL40TR Specification

CLEVELAND, Tilting Skillet complete with Dual Power Setting, Normal and High Power Cooking Controls, Power Burner (Forced-Air) Gas Combustion System, Automatic Ignition, Splash-Proof Construction, Spring Assist Cover with Vent, Gallon/Liter Markings, 5/8" Stainless Steel Clad Cooking Surface with Bead Blasted Finish, Easy to use Manual Hand Tilt, Adjustable Feet with Rear Flanged and Front Bullet Style.

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