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Commercial Dishwasher Financing

Commercial dishwashers are designed for heavy-traffic food business operations. They are your professional assistant in the fight against the dirtiest kitchen equipment, from small utensils to other large commercial kitchen equipment, in hotels, schools, and other public institutions and private establishments.

Chef's Deal provides exclusive dishwasher financing options with its partners. Whether you have a thriving business or a small restaurant/café, you can choose the best dishwasher with the most suitable monthly payment. Our dishwasher financing program is up to exceeding your business expectations.


Dishwasher Financing Advantages

Best Rate Options & The Most Competitive Prices
Best Rate Options & The Most Competitive Prices
Tax Benefits
Tax Benefits *
Ventless Exhaust Systems
Section 179 **
Pizza Hood Packages
Profitable & Flexible Payment Options
Food Truck Hood Packages
Secure & Fixed Payment
Restaurant Hood Systems
No Matter Having Low or High Credit Scores
High-Quality Customer Service
Open Credit Lines, Capital Saving & Improved Cash Flow
High Responsiveness
Free Consultation & Specialist Advice for the Right Choice
Equipment Installation
New & Different Types of Dishwasher & Glasswashers from the Most Trusted Brands
Equipment Installation
Include Warranty
Equipment Installation
Free Shipping
Shipping Range
Best Customer Service
Shipping Range

* Please consult your accountant for advice specific to your situation

** See the advantages of Section 179 below

Section 179

The tax code Section 179 allows qualifying buyers to weite off the full cost of the equipment in th year they financed it, rather than writing it off over many years. That could mean big tax savings for you. The maximum deduction business owners may vary from year-to-year.

How It Works:

Say you financed a $10,000 piece of equipment for your business. By taking advantage of Section 179, you may deduct the entire $10,000 from your net income in the first year you use it.

So, assuming you are in a 21% * tax bracket, you will have a tax saving of $2,100 , lowering your equipment costs to just $7,900!


Saving thousands in taxes will allow you to have extra cash on hand to reinvest in your business. This provides you the opportunity to finance more essential equipment.

* Deductions and percentages are subject to change per year. Make sure you consult with your tax advisor yo understand your eligibility and to discuss any specific questions you have about these tax benefits.







(21% Tax Bracket)



(After Tax Saving)



Commercial Dishwasher Lease or Buy?

Purchasing a dishwasher with financing offers 5 main advantages over leasing:

Full Ownership: With financing , you become the sole owner of the dishwasher once the loan is paid off, allowing you to sell or trade it in at any time.

No Ongoing Lease Payments: Once you've paid off the loan, you no longer have any ongoing lease payments, saving you significant money, especially with higher lease rates.

Freedom to Choose Your Detergent: When you own your dishwasher, you can choose your detergent, saving you money on detergent costs, as you can avoid paying the inflated prices charged by leasing companies.

No Hidden Fees: With financing, there are typically no hidden fees or charges associated with the loan. This is a significant advantage over leasing, as leasing companies ofter charge various feees, including origination, late payment, and early termination fees.

Tax Benefits: You may be able to deduct the interest on your dishwasher loan from your texas, reducing the overall cost of ownership. (Please consult your accountant for advice specific to your situation)

Why Might You Need a New Commercial Dishwasher?

Do you sinks or counters full of dirty plates?

You can keep your kitchen clean and neat with a convenient dishwasher that makes your life easier.

Does it take too much time to handwash the dishes?

The right type of commercial dishwasher for your business and the suitable one for your budget can reduce cleaing time, eliminate extra labor, and help you focus on your customers.

Are you tired of high electric bills?

You can have ENERGY-STAR certified commercial dishwasher from high-quality brands with the best payment options for dishwasher financing.

Can't you hold a conversation because your dishwasher is running?

Then, it's time to get a silent commercial dishwasher to decrease the stress in your kitchen with Chef's Deal dishwasher financing options.

Aren't your utensils, tableware, and glassware coming out from your dishwasher perfectly clean, and have your customers complained about the cleaning/opacity of your silverware and plates?

Our dishwasher financing program enables you to get a commercial dishwasher with the latest technology, which is operationally efficient and has the best cleaning performance.

Average Costs to Finance or Purchase a Commercial Dishwasher

Minimum: Average: Maximum:
Purchase Price: $2,506 $6,227 $26,377
60 month Financing Rate: $52 $126 $537
48 month Financing Rate: $63 $152 $646
36 month Financing Rate: $81 $196 $829
24 month Financing Rate: $117 $282 $1,195

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