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Commercial refrigerators are critical equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes, and other food service businesses. They allow these businesses to present cool drinks, fresh food, and delicious meals. But, of course, there are differences between the commercial coolers and the residential ones as restaurants and houses have different working conditions. Food businesses experience heavier traffic and need to handle a larger amount of products, unlike houses. Moreover, commercial fridges have extra features to contribute to your business while residential fridges are mainly for cooling purposes.

Advantages of Commercial Refrigerators

Whether you run a restaurant or a food truck, the best thing to have in your place is commercial refrigerators. Commercial fridges are designed to run under busier and heavier conditions and provide more advantages for your business. These commercial coolers have the following benefits:

  • Commercial refrigerators have more powerful condensers and compressors.
  • They can store more food and drinks.
  • Commercial refrigerators can maintain the inner chill for more extended periods.
  • Commercial refrigerators can cool a larger space.
  • They can keep the inner temperature stable despite numerous openings of the doors.

As Chef’s Deal Commercial Restaurant Equipment  Store, we offer many sturdy, well-designed, and energy-efficient commercial coolers from Arctic Air, Beverage-Air, Atosa USA, Dukers, Traulsen, Turbo Air, Summit, True Refrigeration, and many other notable vendors.

Types of Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators have different usage areas and additional purposes as well as cooling. Therefore there are many different types of coolers.

Refrigerated Merchandiser

Merchandiser refrigerators directly contribute to your business by attracting more customers to your products. As the elegant member of the commercial refrigerators, they have additional lightings and, therefore, create nice-looking equipment to showcase your meals or drinks. Furthermore, glass door merchandiser refrigerators create sleek display spots in your restaurant and café to allow you to make better sales.

Refrigerated Prep Table

Refrigerated prep tables are mainly used as pizza prep tables and salad prep tables in restaurants. They combine the practicality of a table with the benefits of a commercial refrigerator and facilitate the preparational process of these foods. They keep the ingredients cool and fresh, and you don’t need to go back and forth between the prep tables and industrial coolers. Additionally, these stations accelerate food preparation and prevent lines in your restaurant during these days of pandemics.

Reach-In Refrigerators

A reach-in cooler is the leading product category among commercial refrigerators and plays a vital role in restaurants and cafes. While its large capacity handles your products and ingredients, its efficient and powerful cooling keeps them fresh. Furthermore, a reach-in fridge maintains the food’s tasty and tempting look even against the repeated door openings in a busy restaurant.

Undercounter Refrigerators

Undercounter refrigerators are suitable for cafes, restaurants, catering services, and food stands. They fit under a working counter, and thus, they are convenient for use in limited spaces. These smaller commercial refrigerators provide the right refrigeration choice to keep your ingredients and foods fresh. You can choose stainless solid door undercounter fridges as well as glass door fridges due to your needs.

Open Merchandisers

Open merchandisers allow food-serving businesses to display their ready-made meals, desserts, and drinks. They maintain a stable low temperature to protect the delicious view and taste of the foods. Open display refrigerators also allow your customers to easily reach these meals and drinks without the need for opening a door.

Milk Cooler/Station

Milk coolers are the proper equipment to store or transfer milk bottles of different sizes. Having crates for storing, these milk cooling stations can store mini milk bottles or milk cartons. Furthermore, these types of commercial refrigerators are suitable for use at restaurants, cafes, or schools.

Pass-Thru Refrigerators

Pass-Thru or Walk through refrigerators will best work for you if you need a commercial refrigerator that needs access from both sides. They allow reaching through two doors which are placed in the front and the back.

Glass Chiller & Froster

Glass chillers and frosters are essential for serving cold and tasty drinks in restaurants. Maintaining the cold of a drink after pouring it into the glass is also effective in the drink’s taste. Therefore, you need a glass chiller or a glass froster to serve a cold beer or a coke to your customers.

Roll-In and Roll-Thru Refrigerators

Roll-in refrigerators are mainly intended for increasing the back-of-the-house efficiency and accelerating the service or packaging speed. While these commercial refrigerators feature empty cavities with versatile use, they can maintain the cold chain from the prep-line to the service. Or they can handle the cooked meals and foods until you serve or send them. Roll-thru refrigerators are suitable for storing pan racks from both sides and offer practicality and versatile use.

Refrigerators for Fish and Poultry

Refrigerators for fish and poultry can keep the fish and poultry fresh and tasty on ice for your restaurant. While their drawers provide you with practical use, their cooling will prevent the dehydration of these foods and maintain their delicate look and texture. Furthermore, this refrigerator will protect the poultry and fish from bacteria growth.

Air Curtain Refrigerators

Air curtain refrigerators have a similar look to a commercial refrigerator, but they are also equipped with an additional air curtain, creating a stable air stream. This stream blocks the cold inside and prevents the loss of interior chill even when you leave the door open for 4 hours, depending on the model. Therefore, they are suitable for use as a back bar, merchandiser, or display refrigerators.

Refrigerated Cabinets

Mobile and Banquet refrigerated cabinets are mainly designed for transportation purposes, and they are perfectly suitable for transporting drinks, ingredients, and meals for on-site catering or banquets. These refrigerated cabinets maintain temperature from 33°F to 38°F and keep the pre-made meals ready to serve. Furthermore, they are equipped with caster wheels which make mobility smooth and faster.

Wine Cooler Cabinets

Wine cooler cabinets are the brilliant choice for restaurants, bars, and cafes to store their wine bottles while creating glamorous and practical display merchandisers. You can find a variety of wine cooler cabinets with glass doors, racks, and LED lighting, which permit customers to read the labels easily. You can also choose wine merchandisers of various capacities and designs.

Wine Refrigerators

Wine refrigerators are a suitable choice for storing and showcasing your best wines. They have glass doors for better demonstration and are featured with self-closing doors. Furthermore, we offer wine fridges that can provide different temperature levels in different cabinets.

Drop In Refrigerated Display Cases

Drop in refrigerated display cases are appropriate equipment for your restaurant, café, or any other store or business to store and display your desserts, meals, or cakes. While keeping your foods fresh and delicious, these display cabinets provide a perfect spot to showcase your delicious meals with their glass walls and front shields. Furthermore, drop-in refrigerated display cases offer practical and easy use, and its design is compatible with use as a part of your existing counter.

Chest Refrigerators and Countertop Refrigerator

Chest refrigerators and solid-state cooling countertop refrigerators are reliable storage and display equipment, especially in supermarkets, stores, groceries, or other places where you need to store perishable or chilled products.

Commercial Refrigerator Parts and Accessories

Parts and accessories are crucial elements to maintain your commercial refrigerators run smoothly. You can find and purchase the commercial refrigerator parts and accessories such as gaskets, refrigerated counter cutting boards, and more at Chef’s Deal.