Industrial Water Chillers

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Industrial Water Chillers: For Cooler and Safer Mechanisms

Industrial water chillers are engineered to provide a practical and efficient way of cooling production units or mechanisms that get heated with friction. These commercial kitchen tools remove the heat by circulating the water within the system and transferring the heat to the air, lowering the unit's working temperature.

Advantages of Industrial Water Chillers

Commercial water chiller systems bring several advantages for breweries, food service establishments, catering services, and food producers by:

  • Prolonging the lifetime of commercial equipment by decreasing the process temperature and preserving the components,
  • Preventing the waste of water and money by recirculating the water inside the system,
  • Presenting precise control over the working conditions by monitoring and balancing the heat.

Features and Types of Industrial Water Chillers

Depending on their cooling type, industrial water chiller systems are primarily available as two options.

Industrial Air-Cooled Chillers

These industrial water chillers use ambient air to cool the refrigerant; hence, they do not require a separate water connection. They are mostly produced as stand-alone units; you do not need any other tool.

Industrial Water-Cooled Chillers

Industrial water-cooled chillers utilize water to cool the refrigerant; therefore, they need to be connected to a water resource. These industrial water chillers are more compact and can fit in smaller spaces.


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