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Medical refrigerators and freezers refer to the specially manufactured medical refrigerators and freezers which are designed to safely hold vaccines, blood samples, and medication in the proper storage conditions for these sensitive materials. Read More

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Medical and lab freezers will be your reliable partner for securely holding and storing blood bags, frozen vaccines, or biological products and specimens.


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Ice makers and dispensers can provide flake or nugget ice to allow your personnel to enjoy a refreshing beverage or help your patients relieve their pain.


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Medical Refrigerators and Freezers: Prevent Contamination and Degradation

Medical refrigerators and freezers refer to the specially manufactured medical refrigerators and freezers which are designed to safely hold vaccines, blood samples, and medication in the proper storage conditions for these sensitive materials.

Although the residential units are sometimes preferred as refrigeration units in laboratories and clinics for their reasonable prices, these units may be a lot more expensive by causing degradation or contamination of the medication or biological samples. Therefore, it is a crucial necessity for a hospital or clinic to add a medical refrigeration unit to their inventory to safely store the vaccines, hold the samples and retain the best conditions for the medication.

What to Consider When Choosing Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

Because of the diverse needs for medical refrigerators and freezers, you can find them with various features and configurations, among which you can find the best options to suit your needs. These considerations are mainly:

1. Size and Capacity

The available storage area should be the first thing that you should pay attention to when buying medical refrigerators and freezers. Getting a smaller unit than you need will help you lower your energy consumption and requires lower initial cost, but it can end up with temperature fluctuations because of overloading the medication. Or, you may waste your valuable resources on unutilized storage capacity if you buy a much larger laboratory freezer or a refrigerator.

Thus, you should assess your storage needs before purchasing medical refrigerators and freezers. Furthermore, medical refrigeration equipment is available in different constructions, including full-size, countertop, or undercounter models, which can fit into your open space in your lab as well as your storage needs.

2. Shelving

Medical refrigerators and freezers are offered with shelves to enable organized storage of products and samples. Since air circulation is the key to temperature consistency, medical refrigeration equipment mostly comes with wire shelves to allow circulation around the medication. Additionally, some units also offer fully enclosed drawers to provide closed storage to minimize the probability of temperature fluctuations in case of door openings.

3. Additional Features

Medical refrigerators and freezers are designed and manufactured to ensure you can find the most suitable option for your establishment, and therefore, they are also offered with different configurations as such:

  • If you want to prevent unauthorized access or minimize the door openings to prevent theft or temperature fluctuations, you can choose medical refrigerators and freezers with locking doors.
  • To enable you and your staff to easily move the samples from the front desk to the lab, you can purchase lab refrigerators and freezers with caster wheels.
  • Some units also feature self-defrosting to automatically detect and remove frost.
  • Some models can also monitor and log the temperature data when it is needed to record temperature fluctuations, and these data can be transferred with the built-in USB ports.
  • Medical refrigerators and freezers require consistent temperature levels, so they have self-closing doors to prevent temperature fluctuations.

Available Medical Refrigerators and Freezers on Chef’s Deal

We provide necessary medical refrigerators and freezers from the leading medical refrigeration manufacturers due to healthcare facilities' needs. You can find medical equipment on Chef’s Deal as:

1. Medical Refrigerators

Medical refrigerators are built for temperature stability and can provide a consistent temperature level between 36°F and 46°F. These units will help you precisely control the temperature level inside the cabinet to ensure the safety of medication and specimens inside while providing control and protection over the use of medical materials.

2. Medical & Lab Freezers

Medical freezers are must-have additions to any hospital, lab, or clinic to safely store tissue, blood samples, or other sensitive biological specimens. They can keep the temperature level between -58°F and +5°F.

3. Ice Makers & Dispensers For Healthcare

Hospitals, dental clinics, or other healthcare facilities need ice to ease muscle pain, prevent swelling or provide patients with ice for any application. Ice makers and dispensers for healthcare facilities are required to keep you supplied with a flake or nugget of ice.