Countertop Glass Door Refrigerators

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Counter Top Glass Door Refrigerators Provide a Visual Feast to Your Customers

Countertop glass door refrigerators will help your business grow by increasing sales by merchandising your products at your customers' eye level. As multi-purpose commercial refrigeration equipment, glass front refrigerators are designed for various functions to be utilized in your restaurant, convenience store, bar, pizzeria, deli, or dessert parlors.

Benefits of Buying a Countertop Glass Door Refrigerator

  1. Countertop glass door refrigerators are compact designs, and hence they can easily fit in small spaces on your counter.
  2. Some models are of horizontal designs which offer wider shelves to present more products.
  3. Countertop glass door refrigerators are generally equipped with glass doors to provide visibility for the products you want to promote and sell.
  4. Countertop display refrigerators with glass doors facilitate service and grab stuff from inside.
  5. Countertop beverage and food display cases with glass doors preserve the stuff inside at proper temperature and decrease waste of foodstuff, which has a crucial influence on the profitability of many businesses.
  6. Countertop glass front refrigerators allow you to increase your last-minute sales by displaying cold beverages, refreshments, sandwiches, and other grab-and-go snacks to your customers.

Which Countertop Glass Door Refrigerator Is Best For You?

When you buy a new countertop glass front refrigerator or renew the old one in your store, you should pay attention to the basic features and main advantages.

Exterior Finish: Countertop glass fridges are styled to entice your customers to buy more products, and therefore, their exterior is designed for this purpose. Hence, depending on your decoration and design in your store, you can opt to buy a white, black, gray, or stainless steel finish.  

Visibility: Countertop glass door refrigerators offer different design options to ensure more visibility for your restaurant supplies or thousands of products at your convenience store. Hence, apart from the small counter top fridge with glass doors, there are also totally transparent models with a glass front door and glass walls. Suppose you need more space to display your delicacies. In that case, you can also go for buying a horizontal model which offers a curved glass top to maximize visibility by minimizing the light reflection.

Door: To best address your needs, countertop glass door refrigerators provide different types of doors, such as swinging and sliding doors. While swinging doors enable a larger reaching gap, sliding doors are better for compact spaces as they do not need additional space to open.

Countertop glass door refrigerators can be purchased with a different number of doors. Some models only offer a front glass door to enable easy reach both for customers and personnel and will better perform in the self-service and check-out lane. The pass-thru merchandisers, which have a rear door in addition to the glass front door, are best for full service and self-service sections to let your personnel load while your customers can grab what they want quickly. The last option of the countertop glass front fridges is the models that only have rear doors, and these are suitable for full-service lines.

Visual Appeal: Countertop glass door refrigerators offer several visual details to entice customers to buy more stuff. Most of the models are equipped with LED interior lights to create an attractive illumination inside. Additionally, you can also find models with back-lit top signage to reflect any brand or store name or product type to attract the customers' attention.


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