Refrigerator Freezer Combination

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  1. Special Price $4,842.85

    FINANCE FOR: $104.48/mo.

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  11. Special Price $5,309.93

    FINANCE FOR: $114.55/mo.

  12. Special Price $3,193.43

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  13. Special Price $3,110.70

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  14. Special Price $3,048.37

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  15. Special Price $5,746.68

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If you need your refrigerated units to work harder, then you might need a refrigerator freezer combination for that. Especially, during summer months, there might be some refrigeration problems that are too frequent companion to the heat. However, Chef’s Deal is there to help you. From True refrigerator freezer combo to Turbo Air refrigerator freezer combo models, there are many to choose from. Now, it’s your turn to discover all of them to make a choice.


Meet Different Types of Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combos


Keeping frozen items and refrigerated goods together is only possible with a commercial fridge freezer combo. However, even the refrigerator and freezer combos have different types based on your restaurant’s needs. Let us help you discover these types from reach-ins to undercounters.


Reach-In Refrigerator Freezer Combo


Reach-In refrigerators is what every commercial kitchen should have. It is the perfect device to keep food stored. You can reach whatever you need easily thanks to the high-capacity of reach-in refrigerators. However, they only have the ability to refrigerate and store. A commercial cooler freezer combo, on the other hand, refrigerates and freezes at the same time.


Undercounter Fridge and Freezer Combo


If you need a refrigerator and freezer under your worktop all the time, you don’t have to buy a separate fridge and a freezer. Chef’s Deal offers different types of undercounter fridge and freezer combos that will help your daily operations.


Pass-Thru Restaurant Refrigerator Freezer Combo


Pass-Thru or Walk-In refrigerator units are accessible from both sides of the cabinet. Thus, reaching for your goods is easier than ever with the right pass-thru refrigerator. If you need to store and freeze goods at the same time and access them from both sides, then a pass-thru refrigerator freezer combo is what you need.


Convertible Commercial Combo Refrigerator Freezer


Looking for a refrigerator freezer that can be converted into another refrigerator section when needed? Then, a convertible refrigerator is what you need. Besides, if you get a convertible commercial combo refrigerator freezer, you can refrigerate and freeze at the same time. You can use independent cooling and freezing units for a better performance.


Commercial Refrigerators or Refrigerator Freezer Combos?


Even if the working principles of a commercial refrigerator and a commercial refrigerator and freezer combo do not differ from each other, it can be said that the main difference is the compressor. While a 2-door commercial refrigerator is enough for a typical restaurant, a commercial refrigerator freezer combination is a must for a restaurant using frozen food. Besides, using a refrigerator and freezer combo is the perfect way to store and access food for a long time. Whether you need a small commercial refrigerator freezer combo or a big one to match your needs, Chef’s Deal offers it for you.


Thanks to our experienced team, you can consider a refrigerator freezer combo for sale options for your restaurant. Besides, you can give us a call to get a special monthly payment plan once you decide which one to buy. View all the options now!