Medical Freezers

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Medical Freezers are Must Specialty Refrigeration Systems for Medical Clinics and Hospitals 

Medical freezers are used to store biological and chemical materials in medical clinics and hospitals. They are currently required by US Center for Disease Control guidelines and cannot be considered replaceable by household freezers or refrigerator-freezer combos. They are intricately designed to suit the needs of medical environments.

What Makes Medical Freezers Special

  • There are microprocessor systems installed in medical freezers that help measure the exact temperature of the unit. 
  • Digital sensors and screens placed over the medical freezers play a vital role in monitoring the temperature and ensuring everything is as it should be. 
  • Glass Door units will let you browse the interior of the medical freezer, while the shelf structure, which usually has holes and gaps, will allow the air to circulate properly within the freezer.
  • Temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum with medical freezers.

Maintenance and Security Tips for Medical Freezers

  • Ensure there is a lock placed on the freezer to protect the contents. Considering the importance and delicacy of items stored in such units, no one without the proper permits should access the products.
  • Self-closing doors are part of many models, and investing in such a model will ensure the insulation is not endangered by mistake. 
  • Invest in a good generator that could sustain your medical freezers and such in cases of electrical shortages.


Medical freezers are essential equipment in medical environments. Chef’s Deal offers a wide selection of products, and you can also find Accucold and Summit among them. You can also take a look at our medical refrigerators and other specialty refrigeration systems.