Comstock-Castle 2923DF Donut Fryer

Comstock-Castle 2923DF Donut Fryer


Comstock-Castle 2923DF Donut Fryer

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Flat Bottom Funnelcake-Blooming Onion Fryer, countertop, gas, 23" wide, 20 -50 lb. fat capacity, modulating thermostat, stainless steel tank, front & sides, 4" adjustable stainless steel legs, 50,000 BTU,

Comstock-Castle 2923DF Specs

Brand Comstock-Castle
Model Number 2923DF
Weight 130 lbs
Width 23"
Height 25"
Depth 28.5"
Exterior Finish all stainless steel exterior
Controls thermostatic controls
Type gas
Maximum Fat Capacity (approximate) 20 - 50 lb
Fry pot stainless steel

Comstock-Castle 2923DF Donut Fryer

Produce delicious donuts using this Comstock-Castle 2923DF Donut Fryer. This unit boasts a durable all stainless-steel exterior finish and stainless-steel fry pot construction. The overall dimensions of this donut fryer are 23" W x 25" H x 28.5" D. This COM-2923DF donut fryer features thermostatic controls and has a maximum fat capacity of approximately 20 to 50 pounds.

CONSTRUCTION: Easy cleaning, corrosion resistant stainless steel finish, welded with aluminized inner framing. Double wall construction with heavy insulation combined with a special flue design for cooler operation. Adjustable 4" stainless steel legs for easy leveling. Installation clearances for non-combustible surfaces are 2" on sides and 6" in the rear, combustible surface clearances are 6" and 6". Hinged front door panel protects controls.

BURNERS: Long life, cast iron “H” pattern burners combined with a special “V” shaped tank design directs heat for excellent air circulation.

CONTROLS: Snap Action thermostat for fast recovery, 100% safety shut off, high limit control for back-up safety, automatic standing pilot and brass burner valves. Pressure regulators are set at the factory for natural gas and easily convertible to propane. Optimal pressures are 4" WC for natural gas and 10" WC for propane. Manifold size is 3/4" NPT. All controls are tested and confirmed in good working order. Calibration and adjustments are the responsibility of the installer.

TANK: Easy cleaning, corrosion resistant stainless steel with angled bottom 3/4" gate valve for rapid draining.

ACCESSORIES: Single large baskets, stainless steel tank covers, gas hoses, cleaning supplies, equipment stands and casters are listed in the price list.

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