Comstock-Castle F31832-24B 48

Comstock-Castle F31832-24B 48" Gas Restaurant Range


Comstock-Castle F31832-24B 48" Gas Restaurant Range

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Range, gas, 48" wide, (4) 24,000 BTU star burners with 12" square cast iron grates, (1) 24" griddle with 3/4" thick plate with stainless steel mesh flame spreader & 18" x 18" warming rack below the griddle, (1) manual griddle control, (1) space-saver oven with enamel door & bottom linings & (1) 22" wide storage space, (1) oven rack with 3 positions, stainless steel exterior, high back riser & high shelf, 6" stainless steel legs, 37" tall to cook surfaces, 146000 BTU, (2) 3/4" gas connections

Comstock-Castle F31832-24B Specs

Brand Comstock-Castle
Model Number F31832-24B
Weight 675 lbs
Width 48"
Width 48"
Height 59"
Depth 30.5"
Exterior Finish all stainless steel exterior
Top (4) open burners, (1) 24" griddle/broiler
Plate thickness .750" = 3/4"
Base (1) space saver oven, (1) cabinet
Vent backriser with hi-shelf

Comstock-Castle F31832-24B 48" Gas Restaurant Range

Increase your kitchen"™s overall performance and efficiency with this 48" Comstock-Castle F31832-24B Gas Restaurant Range. Cleaning is easy thanks to an all stainless-steel exterior finish and an oven with porcelain and aluminum linings. The top is equipped with 4 open burners and a 24" griddle/ broiler. The base includes 1 space saver oven and 1 cabinet for convenient storage. The Comstock-Castle F31832-24B commercial gas range features a fuel-efficient oven design with heavy insulation.

OVEN: 19.5˝w. x 22˝d. x 14˝h. for superior baking characteristics and results. Heavy insulation for fuel efficiency. Easy cleaning porcelain and aluminized linings with one nickel plated rack. 3 rack positions with 2¾Ë between rack positions. Long life, 25,000 BTU cast iron “H” pattern oven burner combined with special “V” shaped baffle directs heat for excellent air circulation.

COOK TOPS: 24,000 BTU “star” pattern top burners with no gaskets to leak. The large 7˝ flame spread offers a more efficient burn pattern for small to large pots. Full width crumb trays catch all spillage. Top grates are 12˝ x 12˝ cast iron with spillover bowl that also reflects heat for added efficiency. Designed for easy movement of pots across top sections. Stainless steel bullnose-rail is safely flush with the cook tops and functional to straddle pots, skillets and plates and also serves as control protection.

CONSTRUCTION: Easy cleaning, corrosion resistant stainless steel finish, welded with angle iron and aluminized inner framing. Sturdy 6˝ heavy duty stainless pipe legs with adjustable feet. Double wall construction with heavy insulation for cooler operation. Installation clearances for non-combustible surfaces are 0˝ on sides and 0˝ in the rear, combustible surface clearances are 2˝ and 2˝.

CONTROLS: Includes 500° thermostat, 100% safety shut off, automatic standing pilot and brass top burner valves. Pressure regulators are set at the factory for the gas specified. Optimal pressures are 4˝ WC for natural gas and 10˝ WC for propane. Manifold size is ¾Ë NPT. All controls are tested and confirmed in good working order. Calibration and adjustments are the responsibility of the buyer.

GRIDDLE PLATES: 12˝ or 24˝ wide, ¾Ë thick. Long life 20,000 BTU cast iron burners. Front draining grease trough and large capacity grease catch. Optional 12˝ & 24˝ raised griddle-cheesemelters feature stainless steel wire mesh radiants and rear grease drains. 12˝ rated 20,000 BTU, 24˝ rated 30,000 BTU. Maximum rack clearance is 4½Ë.

CHAR-BROILERS: 25,000 BTU cast iron “H” pattern burners. Cast iron top grate sections fit into 12˝ width increments. A cast-in trough on each blade channels grease into the front cold zone grease trough reducing flare up. Each section is reversible for sloped or level cooking. Stainless steel splash guards on 3 sides graduating up to 4˝ high. Grease slot is 3.5˝ x 1˝ and feeds into a large, removable grease drawer. Char-broilers are approved for use in non-combustible locations only.

HOT TOPS: Available in 12˝ width increments in lieu of open top burners. ¾Ë thick to hold heat from long life, even heating 20,000 BTU cast iron “H” pattern burners.

ACCESSORIES & OPTIONS: Casters, extra racks, pizza decks, FD oven thermostats, chrome griddle plates, 1˝ thick griddle plates, griddle thermostats, safety pilot griddles, lift off griddles, grill scrapers, cleaning supplies, hose and quick disconnects, control protection bars, storage base in lieu of oven and low backs are some of the standard options and accessories available.

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